F225-00T-003-01 UART/TTL Inclinometer (New!)

Part Number: F225-00T-003-01

Potential alternative for the following AAL series inclinometer part numbers from TE Connectivity/Measurement Specialties/HL Planar: NS-2/AAL2-UDD, NS-5/AAL2-UDD, NS-10/AAL2-UFG, NS-10/AAL2-UDG, NS-15/AAL2-UDG, NS-30/AAL2-UDN.

Features and Benefits:

  • ±25° operating range, ±10° linear range inclinometer
  • ±0.005° repeatability angle measurements
  • Dual/two-axis measurement inclinometer
  • UART/TTL communications
  • 5.0 V DC ±0.25 V DC supply voltage
  • PCB board-level design for simple integration
  • Excellent customer support

The F225-00T-003-01 dual-axis high-precision digital inclinometer sensor with UART/TTL digital communications is designed and manufactured by Fredericks for use on heavy industrial machinery and other applications where an industrial, robust, cost-efficient solution is needed. This high-precision digital inclinometer sensor is a UART/TTL inclinometer that utilizes two Fredericks 0703-1603-99 mid-range single-axis electrolytic tilt sensors and is mounted to our 1-6200-013 16-bit UART/TTL signal conditioner.

The use of our high-accuracy single-axis sensors and 16-bit ADCs make this inclinometer ideal for high-precision tilt measurement. This inclinometer has superior tolerances and unit-to-unit performance with an economical design, making it an excellent solution for a versatile range of applications in many sectors.

The Fredericks Company’s inclinometers take our proven electrolytic tilt sensors and combine them with electrolytic tilt sensor circuits to make inclinometer solutions for use in various markets and applications. Electrolytic tilt sensing technology makes these inclinometers extremely stable with no long-term drift compared to MEMS devices, all in a low-cost inclinometer package.

Product Description
±25° Dual-Axis UART/TTL Inclinometer
±25° Dual-Axis UART/TTL Inclinometer
PN: F225-00T-003-01
Digital Interface UART/TTL
Analog Output None
Supply Voltage 5.0 V DC ±0.25 V DC
Supply Current <10 mA @ 5 V DC
Operating Range ±3º
Linear Range ±10º
Axes of Measurement 2
Linearity (% of ±10°) ≤1.0%
Repeatability ±0.005°
Resolution ≤0.001°
Null Offset ±2°
Cross-Axis Sensitivity ≤0.03% per degree
Long Term Stability/Drift ≤0.005°
Null Temperature Offset 0.0002° per °C
Scale Temperature Offset 0.075% per °C
Operating Temperature -40 °C to 85 °C
Storage Temperature -40 °C to 100 °C
Time Constant (63.2% of output) ≤1 second

Linear Range

Operating Range

Housing None
Electrical Connections 8-pin Molex 1054291308
Mating Connector 8-Pin Molex 1053081208
Weight 20 g
Length 45 mm (1.78”)
Width 45 mm (1.78”)
Height 17 mm (0.65”)
Pin 1 Gnd Ground
Pin 2 Vcc Supply Voltage (+)
Pin 3 TX UART/TTL Transmit
Pin 4 NC No Connection
Pin 5 Gnd Ground
Pin 6 Gnd Ground
Pin 7 NC No Connection
Pin 8 RX UART/TTL Receive

UART/TTL Information

Baud Rate 9600 (default, selectable up to 115200)
Data Bits 8
Parity None
Stop Bits 1

UART/TTL Commands

‘x’ or ‘X’ X axis output (0 to 65535)
‘y’ or ‘Y’ Y axis output (0 to 65535)
‘t’ or ‘T’ Temperature output (0 to 1023)
‘s’ or ‘S’ Output X, Y, temperature at set intervals
‘r’ or ‘R’ Stop timed interval output
‘1’ to ‘5’ Set delay (in seconds) for set intervals
‘v’ or ‘V’ Product information and version
‘B1’ Set baud rate to 9600
‘B2’ Set baud rate to 19200
‘B3’ Set baud rate to 38400
‘B4’ Set baud rate to 57600
‘B5’ Set baud rate to 115200
‘?’ List all commands
RoHS Compliant

Download STEP File

Part Number Description STEP File
F225-00T-003-01 ±25° UART/TTL Inclinometer Download
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1 $341.25
10 $320.78
100 $292.53
500+ $262.54