Televac® 1F Piezo Diaphragm Vacuum Gauge

Discontinued: The direct replacement is the 1E Piezo Diaphragm Vacuum Gauge.

Part Number: 2-2108-001

Compatible With: MX200, MX200 EthernetIP

Features and Benefits:

  • Low cost piezo-diaphragm vacuum pressure gauge
  • Compact, robust, contamination resistant vacuum transducer
  • Drop-in vacuum pressure gauge replacement
  • Excellent customer support for vacuum transducers
  • Filters available for highly contaminated environments

Our 1F piezo diaphragm gauge (also often called a vacuum pressure gauge, vacuum transducer, or vacuum sensor) is a fast, robust, contamination resistant, and high accuracy low vacuum pressure gauge due to the piezo-diaphragm design. Note that by comparison to the 2A and 4A vacuum gauges which have a thermocouple gauge design, the 1F piezo-diaphragm vacuum sensor design is gas-independent and can be mounted in any orientation.

The 1F piezo-diaphragm vacuum sensor will read from 10 Torr (10,000 microns) to 10,000 Torr (10,000,000 microns, above atmosphere). It also has excellent accuracy over its range, and when paired with the MX200 vacuum controller it has ±5% to ±10% accuracy over the operating range of this vacuum gauge.

Operating Range 10 Torr to 10000 Torr
Analog Output Controller-dependent
Analog Output Resolution Controller-dependent
Mounting Orientation Any
Calibration Medium Dry air or nitrogen
Overpressure 200 PSI
Operating Temperature 0 °C to 50 °C
Storage Temperature -40 °C to 85 °C
Bakeout Temperature 120 °C
Response Time ≤100 ms
10 to 100 Torr ±10 Torr
100 to 10000 Torr ±10% of reading
Analog Output ±10 mV
Graph of the analog output behavior of the Televac® 1F Piezo-Diaphragm Vacuum Gauge.
Alloy 52
Electrical Connections Octal male
Weight 126 g (0.28 lbs) (NW25)
Dimensional drawing of the Televac® 1F Piezo-Diaphragm Vacuum Gauge.
RoHS compliant