Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), Industrial Gas, Cryogenics

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is used in a wide range of applications, including space launch, metal processing and vacuum furnaces, medical technology, electronics, water treatment, energy generation, and in the food industry, among many others. Today, industrial gas is delivered to customers in liquefied natural gas (LNG) form at cryogenic temperatures, enabling LNG to be stored on site for later use.

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Tanks and Piping

In order to maintain LNG at extremely low temperatures, LNG is typically stored in double walled tanks or transported in vacuum jacketed LNG piping consisting of two cylindrical vessels, an inner tank (the pressure vessel) and an outer jacket. The air in the space between the inner and outer vessel is known as the annular space, which is evacuated to a specific vacuum level by means of a vacuum pump to create a vacuum and provide vacuum insulation for the LNG.

Vacuum Gauges for LNG

The vacuum insulation is a critical element in a LNG tank, making vacuum gauges, vacuum measurement, and vacuum control a top priority. Televac® offers a wide range of analog vacuum gauges and digital vacuum gauges for liquefied natural gas (LNG) applications including our 2A thermocouple micron vacuum gauge, our 2A VacuMini thermocouple micron vacuum gauge, the robust 2V6 thermocouple micron vacuum gauge, the small and portable Vacuguard™ vacuum controller, and the easy to use MX2A active vacuum gauge. For larger installations of liquefied natural gas (LNG) piping, a controller like the MX200 vacuum controller is often used.

VacuGuard Portable Vacuum Controller

VacuGuard™ Portable Vacuum Controller..

• 1*10-3 Torr to 20 Torr vacuum measurement
• (1 micron to 20,000 microns)
• Small and lightweight at 1.5 lb
• Battery operated

MX2A Thermocouple Active Vacuum Gauge

MX2A Thermocouple Active Vacuum Gauge

• 1*10-4 Torr up to 1000 Torr
• Easy-to-read color OLED display
• Sensors easy to replace
• Compact, contamination resistant design

2A Thermocouple Vacuum Pressure Gauge Tube - Vacuum Transducer

2A Thermocouple Vacuum Gauge.

• 1*10-3 Torr to 20 Torr operating range
• (1 micron to 20,000 microns)
• Many flanges and fittings available
• Compact, contamination resistant design

1/8" NPT 2A VacuMini Thermocouple Vacuum Gauge - Part Number: 2-2100-102

2A VacuMini Thermocouple Vacuum Gauge

• 1*10-3 Torr to 20 Torr operating range
• (1 micron to 20,000 microns)
• Compact size; roughly 2” long, 0.5” diameter
• Gasketed and tethered weatherproof cap

2V6 Thermocouple Vacuum Gauge for the VacuGuard™ Portable Vacuum Controller - Part Number: 2-2111-011

2V6 Thermocouple Vacuum Gauge

• 1*10-3 Torr to 1 Torr operating range
• Overpressure of up to 300 PSI
• Compact, robust design
• Compatible with many different manufacturers’ equipment