Televac® Vacuum Calibration & Service

Televac® offers calibration and service for Televac® vacuum measurement equipment, handling system evaluations, and servicing for existing vacuum equipment or routine calibration needs. Our calibration lab provides traceable vacuum calibrations to ISO 17025:2017 and NIST standards, covering a range from 760 Torr to 1*10-7 Torr. Factory (previously known as “Standard”) electrical calibrations are also available. Calibration certificates with detailed information are provided for vacuum calibrations, meeting quality management system requirements. Click here to learn more about Televac® Calibration Tolerances.

Refer to the Televac® Calibration and Service Instructions and Options for specific instructions on shipping your equipment to our calibration lab.

Note: Equipment received without a service order number or documentation will not be processed by the calibration lab and may result in an additional charge of $85.00.

A service fee for all evaluations/inspections will be applied. This fee is waived only when other services, such as calibrations and/or services, are contracted.