Televac® MC300 Vacuum Controller

Discontinued: The direct replacement is the MX200 Vacuum Controller.

Part Numbers: 2-4502-301, 2-4502-302, 2-4502-303, 2-4502-304, 2-4502-305, 2-4502-306, 2-4503-401, 2-4503-402

Compatible With: 1E Piezo Diaphragm, 1F Piezo Diaphragm, 2A Thermocouple, 4A Convection, 7B Cold Cathode, 7E Cold Cathode, 7F Cold Cathode, 7FC Cold Cathode, 7FCS Cold Cathode, 3F Hot Ion

Features and Benefits:

  • Competitively priced
  • Built-in self-diagnostics
  • Easy to read, large LED display
  • Four process relays with individually assignable set points
  • Analog outputs for each sensor
  • ISO 17025 accredited and NIST traceable calibrations optional
  • Excellent customer support

The Televac® MC300 vacuum controller controls up to two Televac® thermocouple gauges or convection gauges and an optional cold cathode gauge or mini BA hot ion high vacuum gauge. It features a 0 to 10 V DC analog output for each vacuum gauge, 4 relay set points for process control, and large, bright LED display, making it easy to read from a distance.

Note: sensors and cables are not included and must be ordered separately.

Operating Range (Torr) 1*10-11 to 1*103 Torr max
Operating Range (mbar) 1*10-11 to 1*103 mbar max
Operating Range (Pascal) 1*10-9 to 1*105 Pascal max
Communications None
Analog Output 0 to 10 V DC (1 per sensor)
Analog Output Resolution 12 Bits
Display Output Resolution 3 significant digits
Programmable Set Points 4
Set Point Type Relay
Supply Voltage 115/230 V AC (2/1 A), 50-60 Hz
Maximum Power 35 W
Calibration Medium Dry air or nitrogen
Operating Temperature 0 °C to 50 °C
Storage Temperature -40 °C to 85 °C
Display Readable Distance 10 m (35 ft)
Maximum Sensors Controlled 3
MC300 Vacuum Controller Part Number
Dual 2A with 7B (10-7 to 20 Torr) 2-4502-301
Dual 4A with 7B (10-7 to 1000 Torr 2-4502-302
Dual 2A with 7E/7F/7FC (10-11 to 20 Torr) 2-4502-303
Dual 4A with 7E/7F/7FC (10-11 to 1000 Torr) 2-4502-304
Dual 2A with Mini BA (10-10 to 20 Torr) 2-4502-305
Dual 4A with Mini BA (10-10 to 1000 Torr) 2-4502-306
Dual 2A (10-3 to 20 Torr) 2-4503-401
Dual 4A (10-3 to 1000 Torr) 2-4503-402