Televac MC300


The Televac MC300 vacuum controller controls up to two Televac thermocouple gauges or convection gauges and an optional cold cathode gauge or mini BA hot ion high vacuum gauge. It features a 0 to 10 V DC analog output for each vacuum gauge, 4 relay set points for process control, and large, bright LED display, making it easy to read from a distance.

Televac MC300 Vacuum Controller Features:

  • Competitively priced
  • Built-in self-diagnostics
  • Easy to read, large LED display
  • Four process relays with individually assignable set points
  • Analog outputs for each sensor
  • Excellent customer support
Sensor ConfigurationCalibrationPart NumberPriceBuy
Dual 2AFactory2-4503-401$1,570.00

Dual 2ANIST2-4503-401-NIST$1,830.00

Dual 4AFactory2-4503-402$1,730.00

Dual 4ANIST2-4503-402-NIST$1,990.00

Dual 2A with 7BFactory2-4502-301$2,095.00

Dual 2A with 7BNIST2-4502-301-NIST$2,565.00

Dual 4A with 7BFactory2-4502-302$2,340.00

Dual 4A with 7BNIST2-4502-302-NIST$2,810.00

Dual 2A with 7E/7F/7FCFactory2-4502-303$2,350.00

Dual 2A with 7E/7F/7FCNIST2-4502-303-NIST$2,820.00

Dual 4A with 7E/7F/7FCFactory2-4502-304$2,515.00

Dual 4A with 7E/7F/7FCNIST2-4502-304-NIST$2,985.00

Dual 4A with Mini BANIST2-4502-306-NIST$3,255.00

Dual 2A with Mini BANIST2-4502-305-NIST$3,090.00

2A Thermocouple SimulatorsPart NumberPriceBuy
2A Simulator Octal Zero (Red Line, 0 microns)2-2100-237$160.00
2A Simulator Octal 3 Point (0, 100, 1000 microns)2-2100-242$225.00
Mini 2A Simulator Zero (Red Line, 0 microns)2-2100-240$290.00
Mini 2A Simulator 3 Point (0, 100, 1000 microns)2-2100-241$370.00
4A Convection SimulatorsPart NumberPriceBuy
4A Simulator Octal Zero (Red Line, 0 microns)2-2119-000$160.00
4A Simulator Octal 3 Point (0, 1 ,760 Torr)2-2119-003$225.00
7B 7E 7F Cold Cathode SimulatorsPart NumberPriceBuy
7B Simulator 2 Point (1*10-3 and 1*10-5 Torr)2-2100-93$220.00
7E Simulator 2 Point (1*10-2 and 1*10-5 Torr)2-2142-000$235.00
7F Simulator 2 Point (1*10-3 and 1*10-5 Torr)2-2145-000$235.00
Simulators with Customer Specified ValuesPart NumberPriceBuy
2A Simulator Octal (1 to 30 microns)6-2100-237$230.00
2A Simulator Octal (31 to 180 microns)6-2100-243$230.00
2A Simulator Octal (181 to 1000 microns)6-2100-245$230.00
Mini 2A Simulator (1 to 30 microns)6-2100-240$360.00
Mini 2A Simulator (31 to 180 microns)6-2100-244$360.00
Mini 2A Simulator (181 to 1000 microns)6-2100-246$360.00
4A Simulator to Customer Specification (One Point)6-2119-000$230.00

2A Cable

LengthPart NumberPriceBuy
10' Coiled2-9800-081$105.00

4A Cable

LengthPart NumberPriceBuy
LengthPart NumberPriceBuy
Custom Length, Max 300'2-9820-000-CL$195.00

7B Cable

LengthPart NumberPriceBuy

Mini BA Cable

LengthPart NumberPriceBuy
Custom length, maximum 75'2-9854-000$215.00

7E/7F Cable

LengthPart NumberPriceBuy
Operating Range (Torr)1*10-11 to 1*103 Torr max
Operating Range (mbar)1*10-11 to 1*103 mbar max
Operating Range (Pascal)1*10-9 to 1*105 Pascal max
Analog Output0 to 10 V DC (1 per sensor)
Analog Output Resolution12 Bits
Programmable Set Points4
Set Point TypeRelay
Supply Voltage115/230 V AC (2/1 A), 50-60 Hz
Maximum Power230 W
Calibration MediumDry air or nitrogen
Operating Temperature0 °C to 50 °C
Storage Temperature-40 °C to 85 °C
Display Readable Distance10 m (35 ft)
Maximum Sensors Controlled3
MX200MX200 EthernetIPMV2ACompact 2A
Measurement Range1*10-11 to 10,000 Torr1*10-11 to 10,000 Torr1*10-3 to 20 Torr1*10-3 to 20 Torr
Analog Output0 to 10 V DC (1 per sensor)0 to 10 V DC (1 per sensor)0 to 5 V DC0 to 10 V DC
Programmable Set Points0, 4, or 80, 4, or 82None