Spare Parts

Spare PartsPart NumberPriceBuy
Carry Case for B2A-1-Bat Portable1-2600-26$38.85
Rack Kit Dual 4” and 3.5” Mod2-4200-61$32.55
Bracket, Cabinet Mount Din Box1-2700-60$10.50
Anode Assembly 7B2 Cold Cathode2-6200-037$84.00
Mounting Bracket Kit (Din Box)6-2700-60$0.00
Socket Assy.2-6200-13$84.00
O-Ring for 7B2 Cold Cathode1-4210-50$3.68
Cable Adapter TC MP/B Units TO2-9800-51$0.00
Battery D Cell Nicad W/Tabs1-5400-11$0.00
Cap and Chain Assy6-4200-111$29.40
Battery 9V NI Metal Hydride1-5400-17$0.00
O-Ring for CC Gauge Tube6-4210-50$0.00
Line Cord Belden 172501-9800-49$8.40
Vinyl Closure RND 1.250-126-4210-25$1.21
Rack Kit Single 4” Mod2-4200-57$81.90
Panel Adapter, 2A to B2A Din6-5300-73$0.00
Rack Kit Single 3.5” Mod2-4200-58$81.90
Anode Assembly 7E Cold Cathode6-4210-152$0.00