TELEVAC 1E Piezo Diaphragm Vacuum Gauge

The TELEVAC Piezo Diaphragm Sensor measures absolute pressures by determining the deflection of a diaphragm and measuring the formation of a strain gauge attached to the diaphragm. The response of the sensor does not depend on the gas type. The 1E and 1F piezo diaphragm sensors provide a wide range, fast response, and extremely stable measurement.

The TELEVAC 1E Piezo Diaphragm Vacuum Sensor Features

  • Temperature-compensated, piezo-resistive pressure sensor provides excellent performance and long-term stability
  • Nickel-plated brass or stainless steel body
  • Various connection types available. (1/8” NPT, KF, CF) Solid-state reliability
  • Low power
  • Much lower price than capacitance diaphragm gauges with a wider range

Supply Current1.5 mA
Full Scale Output75 V to 150 mV
0 Pressure Output>2 mV
Non Linearity+/- .05 % to .10 %
Hysteresis+/- .01 % to .05 %
In/Out Resistance2.5 K to 6.0 K Ω
Temp Error-Span+/- .3 % to .5 %
Temp Error-Zero+/- .1 % to .5 %
Temp Hysteresis Span+/- .1 %
Temp Hysteresis Zero+/- .1 %
Response Time1.0 mS
Output load Resistance50 M Ω
Pressure Overload (rated)3x max
Operating temp0 °C to 100 °C
Acceleration50 g max
Shock1000 g peak for .05 ms
Vibration20 g peak at 10 Hz to 2000 Hz
MediaNon-corrosive gases

1/8” NPT, Brass2-2106-001
NW16, Stainless Steel2-2107-030
NW25, Stainless Steel2-2107-031
NW40, Stainless Steel2-2107-032
2 3⁄4 CF, Stainless Steel2-2107-052

Heat treatment
Coating processes
Pharmaceutical products
Electron beam welders
Pick-up and conveying