Televac 4A Convection Vacuum Gauge

2-2119-0XX and 2-2120-0XX

The Televac 4A convection gauge provides reliable, fast response measurement from atmosphere to 10-3 Torr. Its high accuracy and repeatability help ensure that processes start at the desired pressure time after time. The gauge has fast response time – in milliseconds rather than seconds as is the case with thermocouple-type gauges. The convection gauge measures absolute pressures by determining the heat loss from a fine wire filament maintained at a constant temperature.

The Televac 4A Convection Features

  • Provides continuous and accurate vacuum indication
  • Cost-effective nickel-plated brass and rugged stainless steel construction with simple design for easy operation
  • Millisecond response time rather than seconds for thermocouple-type gauges
  • Cost-effective gauge tube for fundamental applications

Vacuum Measurement Range1×10-4 (1 micron, 1 mTorr) to 1000 Torr
(for MX4A)1×10-2 to 1×105 Pa
1×10-4 to 1000 mbar
Vacuum Measurement Range1×10-3 (1 micron, 1 mTorr) to 1000 Torr
(for MX200, MM200, MC300, MP4AR)1×10-1 to 1×105 Pa
1×10-3 to 1000 mbar
Accuracy1 to 10 mTorr (microns): ±1 mTorr (±1 microns)
(for MX4A, MX200)10 mTorr (microns) to 1000 Torr: ±10% of reading
Analog Output: ±5 mV
Accuracy1 to 10 mTorr (microns): ±1 mTorr (microns)
(for MM200, MC300, MP4AR)10 mTorr (microns) to 1 Torr: ±10% of reading
1 to 100 Torr: ±20% of reading
100 to 1000 Torr: ±10% of reading
Analog Output: ±10 mV
Maximum Filament Temperature250 °C
Mounting OrientationVertical
Calibration MediumDry air or nitrogen (N2)
Overpressure150 PSI
Operating Temperature0 °C to 50 °C
Storage Temperature-40 °C to 85 °C
Maximum Bakeout Temperature200 °C (stainless steel)
120 °C (nickel-plated brass)
Response TimeController dependent
Analog Output CharacteristicsController dependent
Analog Output ResolutionController dependent
Vacuum Fittings1/8″ NPT, NW16, NW25, 1.33″ CF, 2.75″ CF
See part numbers tab or datasheet for more
Electrical ConnectionsMale octal connector
Weight (NW25 Flange)150 g (0.33 lbs)
Height (NW25 Flange)76 mm (3.0″)
Height (NW25 Flange)31.7 mm (1.25″)
Additional DimensionsSee datasheet for dimensional drawings

Analog Output Characteristics

4A Convection Part Number
1/8” NPT Nickel-Plated Brass 2-2119-001
NW16 (DN16 ISO-KF) Nickel-Plated Brass 2-2119-016
NW25 (DN25 ISO-KF) Nickel-Plated Brass 2-2119-025
1/8” NPT Stainless Steel 2-2120-001
NW16 (DN16 ISO-KF) Stainless Steel 2-2120-030
NW25 (DN25 ISO-KF) Stainless Steel 2-2120-031
8-VCO Male Stainless Steel 2-2120-040
8-VCO Female Stainless Steel 2-2120-041
8-VCR Male Stainless Steel 2-2120-042
8-VCR Female Stainless Steel 2-2120-043
4-VCR Male Stainless Steel 2-2120-044
4-VCR Female Stainless Steel 2-2120-045
1.33” CF (DN16 ISO-CF-F) Stainless Steel 2-2120-050
2.75” CF (DN40 ISO-CF-F) Stainless Steel 2-2120-052

Coating process
Plasma coating/sputtering
Cryogenic tanks/dewars
Heat treatment/vacuum furnace
Refilling gas cylinders
Load lock
Lighting/neon signs
Chemical processing
Electron beam welders
Pharmaceutical products
Processing vacuum packaging and transport