Televac MP4AR Convection

Not recommended for new designs.
Replaced by Televac MX4A Convection Active Gauge PN 2-8930-XX

Part Numbers: 2-7930-X01, 2-7930-X10, 2-7930-X11, 2-7930-X30, 2-7930-X31, 2-7930-X32, 2-7930-X50, 2-7930-X52

Compatible With: 4A Convection

Features and Benefits:

  • Competitively priced
  • Very compact design
  • Excellent resolution and repeatability
  • Superior unit-to-unit performance
  • Easy sensor replacement
  • Excellent customer support

The Televac® MP4AR Active Gauge utilizes an easily replaceable Televac® 4A convection vacuum sensor. It has a variety of features including a wide range of measurement from 1*10-3 Torr up to 990 Torr, a programmable set point, a factory settable analog output, and an LED display. The extensive selection of fittings, simplicity of use, ease of sensor replacement, and competitive cost make this unit an excellent choice for a variety of vacuum applications.

Operating Range1*10-3 Torr to 20 Torr
Analog Output0 V to 10 V DC linear
Programmable Set Points1
Set Point TypeRelay
Supply Voltage24 V DC
Maximum Power 2.4 W
Calibration MediumDry air or nitrogen
Overpressure150 psi
Operating Temperature0 °C to 50 °C
Storage Temperature-20 °C to 60 °C
Bakeout Temperature
Brass (P/N: 2-8910-110)100 °C (electronics removed)
Stainless (P/N: All Others200 °C (electronics removed)
Response Time≤1 s
Display Readable Distance≤3 m (10 ft)
0.1 mTorr to 1 mTorr0.1 mTorr resolution
1 mTorr to 10 mTorr±1 mTorr
10 mTorr to 1000 Torr±10% of reading
Analog Output±5 mV

Output X1 Log, 2 Linear
MP4AR with 1/8” NPT Stainless Steel2-7930-X01
MP4AR with 1/8” NPT Brass2-7930-X10
MP4AR with 1/2” Straight Stainless Steel2-7930-X11
MP4AR with NW16 (DN16 ISO-KF) Stainless Steel2-7930-X30
MP4AR with NW25 (DN25 ISO-KF) Stainless Steel2-7930-X31
MP4AR with NW40 (DN40 ISO-KF) Stainless Steel2-7930-X32
MP4AR with 1.33” CF (DN16 ISO-CF-F) Stainless Steel2-7930-X50
MP4AR with 2.75” CF (DN40 ISO-CF-F) Stainless Steel2-7930-X52

Freeze drying and food packaging
Heat treating and vacuum furnaces
Thin film deposition and coating processes
Pharmaceutical product processes