Televac 3F Mini BA Hot Ion UHV Gauge

3451-8305-25, 3451-8305-35, and 3452-8306-05

The Televac model 3D Mini BA Hot Cathode Ionization UHV gauge maximizes performance with proven accuracy and unmatched durability in high vacuums. The miniature sensor’s rugged all-metal construction is ideal for most applications, with the primary enclosure and many of the internal elements fabricated of 304 stainless steel. The dual filaments are yttria-coated iridium and are individually supported to provide uniform output over variations in temperature and age and exhibit less calibration error. Coated iridium filaments tend to withstand pressure bursts with a robustness not possible with lesser materials. The typical user should experience a filament lifetime of 10,000 hours. The precision ion collector is 0.004” diameter, decreasing the x-ray limit of the gauge.

Measurement Range1 × 10‐2 to 1 × 10‐10 Torr
Sensitivity for Nitrogen10/Torr
Bakeout Temperature200 °C
Operating Temp0 to 40 °C
X‐Ray Limit [infoitem label="Filament Type"]Dual yttria-coated iridium
Filament Emission Current.01, 0.1, 1.0 mA or Auto
Filament Bias Potential+30 V +/‐ 0.3%
Grid Potential+180 V +/‐ 0.3%
Filament Heating Voltage1.5 V (2.5 V Max.)
Filament Heating Current2 A (3 A max.)
Mounting OrientationAny
Degas Power5 W e‐beam
3F Mini BA Hot Ion UHV Part Number
DN-40 CF 3451-8305-25
KF25 Flange 3451-8305-35
1” tube 3452-8306-05
Cables Part Number
Standard Cables 2-9854-0XX
Cable Length
10 ft (3 m)             -010
20 ft (6.1 m)             -020
35 ft (10.6 m)             -035
50 ft (15.2 m)             -050

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