3F Mini BA Hot Ion Ultra-High Vacuum Gauge (UHV)

3451-8305-25, 3451-8305-35, and 3452-8306-05

The Televac 3F Mini BA Hot Cathode Ionization UHV gauge maximizes performance with proven accuracy and unmatched durability in high vacuums. The miniature sensor’s rugged all-metal construction is ideal for most applications, with the primary enclosure and many of the internal elements fabricated of 304 stainless steel. The dual filaments are yttria-coated iridium and are individually supported to provide uniform output over variations in temperature and age and exhibit less calibration error. Coated iridium filaments tend to withstand pressure bursts with a robustness not possible with lesser materials. The typical user should experience a filament lifetime of 10,000 hours. The precision ion collector is 0.004” diameter, decreasing the x-ray limit of the gauge.

3F Mini BA Hot Ion UHVPart NumberPriceBuy
DN-40 CF3451-8305-25$320.00
KF25 Flange3451-8305-35$295.00
1” tube3452-8306-05$295.00
3F Mini BA Hot Ion CablePart NumberPriceBuy
Custom length, maximum 75'2-9854-000$215.00

Measurement Range1*10‐2 to 1*10‐10 Torr
Sensitivity for Nitrogen10/Torr
Bakeout Temperature200 °C
Operating Temp0 to 40 °C
X‐Ray Limit<1 x 10-10 Torr
Filament Emission Current.01, 0.1, 1.0 mA or Auto
Filament Bias Potential+30 V +/‐ 0.3%
Grid Potential+180 V +/‐ 0.3%
Filament Heating Voltage1.5 V (2.5 V Max.)
Filament Heating Current2 A (3 A max.)
Mounting OrientationAny
Degas Power5 W e-beam
MM200MC3007F Cold Cathode7FCS Cold Cathode
Measurement Range1*10-11 to 7600 Torr1*10-11 to 1000 Torr1*10-11 to 1*10-2 Torr1*10-11 to 1*10-2 Torr
Analog Output0 to 10 V DC (1 per sensor)0 to 10 V DC (1 per sensor)Controller dependentController dependent
Programmable Set Points0, 4, or 84NoneNone
Cryogenics and industrial gases
Thin film deposition and coating processes
Analytical Instruments
Decorative Coating
Electron Microscopy
Environmental Simulation
High Energy Physics
Illumination Product Mfg.
Magnetic Media Mfg.
Molecular Beam Epitaxy
Optical & Functional Coating
Physical Vapor Deposition
Surface Science
Thermal Processing