0729-1760-04 Dual-Axis RS-485 Digital Inclinometer

Part Number: 0729-1760-04

Features and Benefits:

  • ±10° operating range and linear range inclinometer
  • Dual/two-axis measurement inclinometer
  • Simple to use RS-485 communications digital inclinometer
  • Response time of ≤100 ms high precision digital inclinometer sensor
  • 5 V DC regulated supply voltage
  • Low current device drawing 9 mA at 5 V DC; low power consumption
  • Modular RJ45 connector for simple integration
  • Superior performance in extreme temperatures and environments
  • Excellent customer support

The 0729-1760-04 dual-axis high precision digital inclinometer sensor with RS-485 communications is designed and manufactured by Fredericks for use on heavy industrial machinery and other applications where an industrial, robust, cost-efficient solution is needed. This high-precision digital inclinometer sensor has a wide linear angle range and RS-485 communications combined with a small footprint make it simple to integrate into new or existing equipment and designs. The standard version of this inclinometer sensor has a modular RJ45 connector.

The Fredericks Company’s inclinometers take our proven electrolytic tilt sensors and combine them with electrolytic tilt sensor circuits in robust housings with potting to make inclinometer solutions for use in various markets and applications. Electrolytic tilt sensing technology makes these inclinometers extremely stable with no long-term drift compared to MEMS devices, all in a low-cost inclinometer package.

Product Description
±10° Dual-Axis RS-485 High Precision Inclinometer
±10° Dual-Axis RS-485 High Precision Inclinometer
PN: 0729-1760-04

Operating Specifications

Output RS-485 half duplex
Supply Voltage 5 V DC regulated
Supply Current 9 mA @ 5 V DC
Operating Range ±10º
Linear Range ±10º
Axes of Measurement 2
Accuracy at 23 °C ±0.1°
Repeatability ±0.1°
Resolution 0.01°
Null Offset ≤5°
Long Term Stability/Drift ≤0.1°
Null Temperature Coefficient ≤0.006° per °C
Range Temperature Offset 0.1% per °C
Materials Contains magnetic metals
Operating Temperature -40 °C to 70 °C
Storage Temperature -40 °C to 70 °C
Time Constant ≤100 ms

Physical Characteristics

Housing ABS Plastic
Electrical Connections Modular Jack 6P4C (RJ14)
Weight 30 g
Length 52.5 mm (2.065”)
Width 39.5 mm (1.555”)
Height 25.4 mm (1.00”)