Encapsulated 0719-3701-99 Single-Axis Narrow-Range Electrolytic Tilt Sensor

The 0719-3701-99 is a 0737-0604-99 narrow-range electrolytic tilt sensor encapsulated with cement in an aluminum channel. It utilizes high-quality glass and platinum to provide extremely high accuracy tilt measurement over a narrow-angle range. The encapsulation allows for simpler mounting and better performance over temperature. This sensor can be paired with any of our signal conditioners to provide a digital or analog output proportional to angular position.

Operating Range±0.5°
Linear Range±0.25°
Number of Axes1
Operating Temperature-20 °C to 50 °C
Storage Temperature-55 °C to 125 °C
Time Constant≤1 s

Glass Narrow-Range SensorsPart Number
Encapsulated Single-Axis Narrow-Range Electrolytic Tilt Sensor0719-3701-99

Geophysical monitoring
Machine tooling, tools
Laser leveling systems
Earthquake monitoring, alarm