0729-1760-99 Inclinometer

Dual-Axis RS-485 Inclinometer

The 0729-1760-99 RS-485 inclinometer utilizes a Fredericks TrueTILT™ wide-range electrolytic tilt sensor and RS-485 signal conditioner. Its robust plastic housing and epoxy potting provide excellent durability and environmental protection. This inclinometer has superior tolerances and unit-to-unit performance. Its small profile and economic design make it an ideal solution for a versatile range of applications in all sectors.

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Operating Range±60°
Linear Range±25°
Number of Axes2
Supply Voltage7 V to 16 V DC
Null Offset±5°
Operating Temperature-40 °C to 70 °C
Storage Temperature-40 °C to 70 °C
Time Constant≤100 ms
Protection Rating≤IP66
Inclinometer Part Number 0729-1760-99

0729 series inclinometers – These inclinometers utilize Fredericks TrueTilt wide range electrolytic tilt sensors. They have a variety of outputs including analog, RS -232 and RS-485. These inclinometers have a low profile and a robust plastic housing with epoxy potting to provide excellent durability and environmental protection.

6200 series signal conditioners – These signal conditioners can be configured with any Fredericks electrolytic tilt sensor. They have a variety of outputs including analog, PWM, RS-232, RS-485 and SPI. The electrolytic tilt sensor and signal conditioner are provided separately or as an assembly with the sensor already installed at the customer’s request.

Agricultural machinery and equipment
Construction machinery and equipment
Railway monitoring
Mining machinery and equipment
Mobile satellite positioning
Solar panel position and orientation measurement