Televac AN 3010: Torr Scientific/Torr Decimal/mTorr/Micron Conversions


Different applications and geographic locations tend to use different units of measurement when discussing vacuum and pressure measurements. This document shows the conversions between Torr scientific, Torr decimal, and mTorr/microns. Note that mTorr and microns are the same unit of measurement. An example conversion from Torr scientific to Torr decimal and mTorr/microns is shown below:

Example: 1.0E-03 Torr scientific = 1.0*10-3 Torr = 1.0 * 0.001 Torr = 0.001 Torr decimal = 1 mTorr = 1 micron

Comparison Charts

   Torr ScientificTorr DecimalmTorr/Microns


   Torr Scientific Torr DecimalmTorr/Microns