Vacuum Gauges for Vacuum Distillation Equipment

Robust Solutions for the Vacuum Distillation Industry!

Whether you’re using Rotary Evaporators, Short Path Molecular Distillation, Fractional Distillation, or another vacuum distillation process, a critical element is precise vacuum measurements. You’re in luck; Televac® offers several vacuum gauge solutions for the Vacuum Distillation industry!

If you need a remote display, the Televac® MV2A vacuum controller paired with a 2A thermocouple vacuum gauge has a vacuum measurement range of 1*10-3 Torr to 20 Torr with an easy to read digital display, 2 programmable set points, and 0 to 5 V DC analog output, with cable lengths up to 100 ft.

If you have a smaller system or would like the display on the vacuum gauge itself, check out the Televac® MX2A Active Vacuum Gauge. It has a range of 1*10-4 to 1000 Torr, with an electronics head attached directly to the vacuum gauge sensing component. The MX2A has an analog 0 to 10 V DC output, RS-485, and optional EthernetlP digital communications.

Televac® MV2A Single Channel Thermocouple Vacuum Controller

MV2A Vacuum Controller

• 1*10-3 to 20 Torr measurement range
• ±1 mTorr accuracy
• 0 to 5 V DC analog output
• Connects with 2A Thermocouple
• Rack-mountable design
• Simple integration with a PC or PLC

2A Thermocouple Vacuum Pressure Gauge Tube - Vacuum Transducer

2A Thermocouple Vacuum Gauge

• 1*10-3 to 20 Torr measurement range
• ±1 mTorr accuracy
• ≤1 s response time
• Robust and contamination
resistant vacuum gauge
• Drop-in vacuum gauge replacement

MX2A Thermocouple Active Vacuum Gauge

MX2A Thermocouple Active Vacuum Gauge

• 1*10-4 to 1000 Torr measurement range
• ±1 mTorr accuracy
• Two programmable set points
• Easy-to-read OLEO display
• Compact design
• Simple to integrate in an existing system

Why Fredericks?

For more than 85 years, Fredericks has specialized in vacuum measurement solutions for a variety of industries that set standards and promise precision, all designed and manufactured in the USA.

We guarantee customer satisfaction and our “not too big, not too small” operation is what enables us to offer a true partnership that prioritizes uptime, lead time, and service.