8142 Glass Bayard-Alpert Gauge

Type 8142 is a versatile gauge constructed with a rugged bifilar grid and a thoriated iridium filament. The interior of the tube is platinum coated, shielding the gauge components from electrostatic and static charges that can occur in various operating conditions. This gauge contains a burnout-resistant thoriated iridium filament. It is also available in a rugged, long-life design described in the special gauge section.

Tubulation 3/4”, 1” Pyrex® or Nonex® glass or 3/4”, 1” Kovar® flanges are available
Envelope Nonex® 7720 glass
Mounting Position Vertical
Collector .005” tungsten
Filament Thoria-coated iridium or tungste
Grid Tungsten helix configuration
Sensitivity for N2 10/Torr
X-ray Limit 2×10-10 Torr
Operating Pressure 2×10-10 to 1×10-3 Torr
Electron-Bombardment Degas 70 W
Resistance-Heated Degas 6.3 V to 7.5 V @ 10 A
Bakeout Temperature 250 °C

Pyrex® is a registered trademark of Corning.
Nonex® is a registered trademark of Corning.
Kovar® is a registered trademark of Westinghouse Electric Corp.