8130 Nude Ionization Gauge

The ETI Nude Ionization Gauge is a high-sensitivity gauge covering the vacuum range of 1 × 10-3 to 2 × 10-11 Torr (argon). This tube features replaceable filaments, dual tungsten or single iridium, and a small-diameter cage tantalum grid on platinum-clad molybdenum support rods. A .005” diameter collector is used. This results in a low X-ray limit, sensitive tube, capable of being baked out to 450 °C for those applications requiring high-temperature processing.

Connection2-3/4”, 1” conflat or KF 40 flange
Mounting PositionVertical
Collector.005” tungsten
FilamentReplaceable thoria-coated iridium or dual tungsten (8130)
GridTa and Pt/Mo support squirrel cage

Sensitivity for N225/Torr
X-ray Limit2 × 10-10 Torr
Operating Pressure2 × 10-11 to 1 × 10-3 Torr
Electron-Bombardment Degas40 W @ 500 V
Resistance-Heated Degasn/a
Bakeout Temperature450 °C