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Fredericks’ TELEVAC® and ETI vacuum brands offer patented convection and double inverted magnetron cold cathodes, thermocouple and diaphragm sensors, Penning cold cathodes, Bayard-Alpert glass and nude hot ionization gauges, filaments and components, and all metal miniature Bayard-Alpert gauge covering the entire practical measurement range from Atmosphere (10+3) down to UHV (10-11) Torr.

World-class vacuum measurement for demanding application environments

Our high-quality, durable gauges and instrumentation are designed and engineered to provide industry-leading performance. That makes them ideal for your toughest and most demanding vacuum measurement environments. Our patented convection sensor technology delivers fast response readings, and our unique double inverted magnetron cold cathode offers improved sensitivity over other competing types.


mm200 front

10-11 Torr to 9900 Torr max

mx200 front

mc300 thermo

10-11 Torr to 1000 Torr max

mv2a digital thermo

MV2A Thermocouple
10-3 Torr to 20 Torr

compact 2a front

Compact 2A Thermocouple
10-3 Torr to 20 Torr


vacuguard thermo

10-3 Torr to 20 Torr

b2a portable thermo

B2A Portable
10-3 Torr to 20 Torr

Active Gauges

mx2a thermo

MX2A Thermocouple 
10-4 Torr to 1000 Torr


MP2AR Thermocouple
10-3 Torr to 20 Torr

mx4a thermo

MX4A Convection
10-4 Torr to 1000 Torr


MP4AR Convection
10-3 Torr to 990 Torr

cc 10 wide ramge

CC-10 Wide-Range
10-9 Torr to 990 Torr

MP3DR Self Contained Miniature Ionization Gauge

MP3DR Hot Ion
Measurement Range: 
10-10 Torr to 10-2 Torr


Custom Filaments

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