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  • truetilt ph2

    Fredericks TrueTILT™ electrolytic tilt Sensors

    Unsurpassed accuracy and repeatability at low cost

  • ampoules sld2


    Built to spec with extreme precision in a variety of glass sizes and types

  • privatelb sld3

    Private labeling: HOT ION GAUGES

    Precision manufacturing services with expert engineering support

  • televac ph5

    TELEVAC® Vacuum Controllers, Gauges, and Sensors

    Proven to deliver reliable, repeatable measurement and control

Did You Know?

  • Fredericks is proud to be a Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB).

  • Fredericks is the leading supplier of vacuum sensors to the heat treat industry.

  • This site now has a live chat feature to connect you with our engineering experts.

  • Fredericks offers private labeling manufacturing services for hot ion gauges.

  • Fredericks offers contract manufacturing for custom glass components.

  • We’ve been helping customers solve engineering challenges for more than 80 years.