March 25, 2020 by Jonathan Lance

EthernetIP Gateway: The First Solution for EthernetIP and Active Vacuum Gauges

In this month’s issue of Heat Treat Today’s Aerospace Heat Treat magazine, there’s an article written by Shawn Orr, Technical Business Development Manager at Televac® – The Fredericks Company. The article talks about EthernetIP Communications and how EthernetIP is beneficial to the heat treat and vacuum furnace industry. The article also covers how to integrate EthernetIP into an existing vacuum system.

To read this month’s issue of Heat Treat Today, visit their website at and subscribe to receive a digital copy of the Aerospace Heat Treat magazine.

Televac® offers the latest in EthernetIP solutions, including vacuum controllers (MX200 EIP) and active vacuum gauges (EIP Gateway). EthernetIP can significantly reduce latency from legacy 0 to 10 V DC analog signals and enables you to calibrate your vacuum gauges digitally from your system’s HMI. This can be particularly helpful with changes to AMS2769 requiring 3-month calibration cycles for vacuum gauges. Visit the MX200 EIP and EIP Gateway product pages for more information and to download documentation.

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