The Fredericks Company Recognized for Significant Statewide Impact in Premier Publication Pennsylvania Manufacturing: Alive and Well New Televac Modular Vacuum Controller Offers Expanded Communications New Tilt Sensor Enables Accurate Performance in Industrial Applications New Tilt Sensor Helps to Prevent Unsafe Working Conditions The Fredericks Company Signals Brand Evolution With New Logo and Website The Fredericks Company Receives Nomination for Prestigious 2013 Pennsylvania Governor’s Impact Award Fredericks expands line of Microprocessor-Based output dual axis Inclinometers to include RS 232 and RS 485 communications Televac Vacuum Measurement Gauges Prominently Featured In New Vacuum Heat Treatment Book New Rollover Mitigation System (v-pro) Provides Warning Of Hazardous Rollover Conditions For Light, Medium, And Tactical Defense, Government, Fire And Emergency Vehicles