0729-1768-99 Dual-Axis RS-232 Digital Inclinometer

Part Number: 0729-1768-99


  • ±60°工作范围,±25°线性范围倾角计
  • 双/两轴测量倾角仪
  • 使用简单的RS-232通讯数字倾角仪。
  • Easy-to-use Molex connector for new and existing designs
  • 响应时间≤100毫秒的高精度数字倾角仪传感器
  • 与工业标准的12V直流汽车电池一起工作
  • 低电流器件,在12 V DC下消耗20 mA;低功耗
  • PCB板级设计,简单集成
  • 在极端温度和环境下的卓越性能
  • 优秀的客户支持

The 0729-1768-99 dual-axis high precision digital inclinometer sensor with RS-232 digital communications is designed and manufactured by Fredericks for use on heavy industrial machinery and other applications where an industrial, robust, cost-efficient solution is needed. This high-precision digital inclinometer sensor has a wide linear angle range, and RS-232 communications combined with a Molex connector makes it simple to integrate into new or existing equipment and designs. The standard version of this inclinometer sensor does not have a housing, so you can integrate it into your board-level design.


±60° Dual-Axis RS-232 Inclinometer with Molex Connector
±60° Dual-Axis RS-232 Inclinometer with Molex Connector
PN: 0729-1768-99
介面 RS-232
电源电压 3.3 V DC 至 5 V DC
供应电流 11 mA (3.3 V) 16 mA (5 V)
Analog Input Resolution 16 bits (10 bits oversampled)
工作范围 ±60º
线性范围 ±25º
Typical Output Behavior View on office.com | Download (.xlsx)
测量轴 2
重复性 ±0.1°
决议 ≤0.003°
空心偏移 ±5°
Long Term Stability/Drift ≤0.1°
空心温度系数 每摄氏度≤0.006°
比例温度系数 每摄氏度0.1%
Materials Contains magnetic metals
操作温度 -40℃至85℃
储存温度 -40℃至125℃
温度传感器范围 -40℃至125℃
Time Constant (63.2% of output) ≤100毫秒


住房 无(PCBA)
电气连接 Molex 0705430006 (7 Pin)
重量 5.5 g
长度 31.75 mm (1.25”)
宽度 31.75 mm (1.25”)
高度 16.10 mm (0.63”)
孔中心 26.67 mm (1.05”)
0729-1768-99 Dimensional Drawing (Top View) 0729-1768-99 Dimensional Drawing (Side View)
J1 Pin 1 (+5) Supply (+)
J1 Pin 2 (C) Supply (-)
J1 Pin 3 (C) Ground
J1 Pin 4 (OUT) RS-232 transmit (TX)
J1 Pin 5 (IN) RS-232 receive (RX)
J1 Pin 6 (C) Ground
J1 Pin 7 (C) Ground
L1 Dual axis sensor connection
J3 Single Axis sensor x axis connection
J4 Single axis sensor y axis connection

RS-232 Information

Baud Rate 9600
Data Bits 8
Stop Bits 1

RS-232 Commands

‘X’ X axis output (0 to 65535)
‘Y’ Y axis output (0 to 65535)
‘T’ Temperature output (0 to 1023)
‘S’ Output X, Y, temperature at set intervals
‘R’ Stop timed interval output
‘1’ to ‘5’ Delay (in seconds) for set intervals
‘@’ ‘Z’ ‘#’ Set current position as zero
‘&’ ‘C’ ‘*’ Clear saved zero position
RoHS Compliant
数量 价格
1 $84.29
10 $78.89
100 $70.82
500 $63.15
1000+ $61.23