F203-00A-212-00 Analog/RS-232 Inclinometer (New!)

Part Number: F203-00A-212-00

TE 연결/측정 특수품/HL 평면의 AAL 시리즈 경사계 부품 번호에 대한 잠재적 대안: NS-2/AAL2-UDD, NS-5/AAL2-UDD, NS-10/AAL2-UFG, NS-10/AAL2-UDG, NS-15/AAL2-UDG, NS-30/AAL2-UDN.

특징과 이점:

  • ±3° operating range, ±1° linear range inclinometer
  • ±0.001° repeatability angle measurements
  • 듀얼/2축 측정 경사계
  • Simple to use analog 0 to 5 V DC output and RS-232 digital communications
  • 7V ~ 16V DC 공급 전압
  • 간단한 통합을 위한 PCB 보드 레벨 설계
  • 우수한 고객 지원

The F203-00A-212-00 dual-axis high-precision analog and digital inclinometer sensor with analog 0 to 5 V DC outputs for each axis. It also has RS-232 digital communications with a 16-bit unsigned angular position measurement output. It is designed and manufactured by Fredericks for use in structural monitoring applications, construction tools, and other applications where a very high precision, industrial-grade solution is required. This high-precision digital inclinometer sensor utilizes two Fredericks 0703-0712-99 narrow-range single-axis electrolytic tilt sensors and is mounted on our 1-6200-012 16-bit analog and RS-232 signal conditioner to provide the most accurate angle measurements.

The use of our high-accuracy single-axis sensors and the 16-bit ADCs and DACs on the 1-6200-012 signal conditioner make this inclinometer are what make this one of our highest precision products. Our specialized manufacturing techniques give this unit superior tolerances and unit-to-unit performance. It is an excellent solution for a versatile range of applications in many sectors.

The Fredericks Company’s inclinometers take our proven electrolytic tilt sensors and combine them with electrolytic tilt sensor circuits to make inclinometer solutions for use in various markets and applications. Electrolytic tilt sensing technology makes these inclinometers extremely stable with minimal long-term drift compared to MEMS devices. It is an easy-to-use inclinometer package that’s simple to integrate.

제품 설명
±3° Dual-Axis Analog/RS-232 Inclinometer
±3° Dual-Axis Analog/RS-232 Inclinometer
PN: F203-00A-212-00
디지털 인터페이스 RS-232
아날로그 출력 0 ~ 5 V DC
공급 전압 7 V DC ~ 16 V DC
공급 전류 <10 mA
운영 범위 ±3º
선형 범위 ±1º
반복성 ±0.001°
해상도 ≤0.001°
Null 오프셋 ±2°
Long Term Stability/Drift ≤0.005°
Null 온도 계수 ≤0.0005° per °C
Scale Temperature Coefficient (±1°) 0.375%
Materials Contains magnetic metals
작동 온도 -20°C ~ 50°C
보관 온도 -40 °C to 100 °C
Time Constant (63.2% of output) ≤1초

선형 범위


운영 범위

주택 없음
전기 연결 8-pin Molex 0015910080
결합 커넥터 8-Pin Molex 0022552081
무게 20 g
길이 45 mm (1.78”)
너비 45 mm (1.78”)
높이 11 mm (0.43”)
핀 1 Gnd Ground
핀 2 Gnd Ground
핀 3 VCC Supply Voltage (+)
핀 4 Gnd Ground
핀 5 RX RS-232 Receieve
핀 6 Xa X Analog Output (0 to 5 V DC)
핀 7 Ya Y Analog Output (0 to 5 V DC)
핀 8 TX RS-232 Transmit

RS-232 Information

Baud Rate 9600 (default, selectable up to 115200)
Data Bits 8
Parity 없음
Stop Bits 1

RS-232 Commands

‘x’ or ‘X’ X axis output (0 to 65535)
‘y’ or ‘Y’ Y axis output (0 to 65535)
‘t’ or ‘T’ Temperature output (0 to 1023)
‘s’ or ‘S’ Output X, Y, temperature at set intervals
‘r’ or ‘R’ Stop timed interval output
‘1’ to ‘5’ Set delay (in seconds) for set intervals
‘v’ or ‘V’ Product information and version
‘B1’ Set baud rate to 9600
‘B2’ Set baud rate to 19200
‘B3’ Set baud rate to 38400
‘B4’ Set baud rate to 57600
‘B5’ Set baud rate to 115200
‘?’ List all commands
RoHS Compliant

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부품 번호 설명 STEP File
F203-00A-212-00 ±3° Analog/RS-232 Inclinometer Download
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100 $289.34
500 $271.69
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