0729-1763-XX ±45° RS-232/릴레이 틸트 스위치

Discontinued: The direct replacement is our Fredericks Tilt Switches.

Part Number: 0729-1763-XX

특징과 이점:

  • ±45° 프로그래밍 가능한 여행 지점
  • Dual/two-axis measurement tilt switch
  • 4 릴레이 출력을 사용하기 간단
  • ≤100 ms의 응답 시간
  • 6.5 V DC ~ 40 V DC의 넓은 전압 공급 범위
  • Works with industry-standard 12 and 24 V DC vehicle batteries
  • 12 V DC에서 30mA를 그리는 낮은 전류 장치; 낮은 전력 소비
  • 간단한 통합을 위한 D-서브 15핀 커넥터(DB15)
  • 극한의 온도 및 환경에서 뛰어난 성능
  • 우수한 고객 지원

Our tilt switches (also referred to as a safety switch or tilt switch sensor module) are very similar to our inclinometers, but instead of a continuous output, tilt switches have a discrete on/off output from either a relay or an open collector. This tilt switch has 4 relay outputs which can be set to trip at specific angles in two axes, up to ±45° tilt. This tilt switch comes in a plastic housing that is environmentally sealed up to IP66, with a D-sub 15-pin (DB15) connector that can also be customized with almost any connector you specify. The trip angle can be set by us at the factory or set and reset by you in the field via the RS-232 communications.

The nature of the relay outputs makes this unit ideal for various tilt switch applications like construction vehicles and agricultural vehicles. More specific tilt switch applications include boom lifts, scissor lifts, and agricultural sprayers.

틸트 감지의 원리와 틸트 스위치 센서 모듈을 응용 분야에 통합하는 방법에 대해 자세히 알아보려면 기술 정보 페이지를 참조하십시오.

통신 RS-232
공급 전압 6.5 V DC ~ 40 V DC
공급 전류 30 mA @ 12 V DC
운영 범위 ±10º (narrow angle)
±25º (mid-range)
±45º (wide angle)
선형 범위 ±25º
측정 축 2
반복성 ±0.005°
해상도 ≤0.1° (narrow angle)
≤18 arc seconds (mid-range)
≤0.1° (wide angle)
Null 오프셋 ≤5°
Cross-Axis Sensitivity ≤0.025° per degree
Long Term Stability/Drift ≤0.1°
Null 온도 간격띄우기 0.006° per °C
범위 온도 간격띄우기 °C당 0.1%
Relay Output Ratings 2A, 220 V DC
Materials Contains magnetic metals
작동 온도 -40°C ~ 70°C
보관 온도 -40°C ~ 70°C
Time Constant (63.2% of output) ≤100 ms
주택 ABS 플라스틱
전기 연결 DB15 male connector
무게 82 grams (without potting)
길이 79.76 mm (3.14”)
너비 53.34 mm (2.10”)
높이 27.31 mm (1.08”)
홀 센터 91.22 mm (3.59”)
0729-1763-XX Dimensional Drawing
설명 Color Pin Number
전원 입력 Red 8
Common Red 1
Common Black 9
Common Black 15
Zero Wire Orange 7
Relay 1 (IN) White 2
Relay 1 (COM) Black 10
Relay 2 (IN) Green 3
Relay 2 (COM) Black 11
Relay 3 (IN) Yellow 4
Relay 3 (COM) Black 12
Relay 4 (IN) Blue 5
Relay 4 (COM) Black 13
Setup via RS-232 Link
RS-232 Input Black 14
RS-232 Output Brown 6

RS-232 Settings

Baud Rate 9600 (default, selectable up to 115200)
Data Bits 8
Parity 없음
Stop Bits 1

RS-232 Commands

‘x’ Output linear X value (0 to 65535)
‘y’ Output linear X value (0 to 65535)
‘c’ Output X value in degrees
‘d’ Output Y value in degrees
‘e’ Change and save trip delay
‘f’ Change and save return trip delay
‘h’ Change and save hysteresis value
‘g’ Change and save relay polarity
‘1’ to ‘4’ Set the selected axis trip point
‘n’ Save current position as zero
‘+’ Increase the filter value
‘-’ Decrease the filter value
RoHS Compliant
CE certified to CFR 47 FCC Part 15 Subpart B, EN 55011:2009/A1:2010, EN 61326-1:2006
설명 부품 번호
틸트 스위치 플라스틱 하우징 화분 0729-1763-01
기울기 스위치 플라스틱 하우징 화분에 없는 0729-1763-03