Televac AN 3002: 7B 및 7E 콜드 음극 패시브 게이지 청소


This application note explains the process for cleaning the Televac® 7B cold cathode vacuum gauge and 7E cold cathode vacuum gauge.


1. 진공 챔버에서 센서를 제거합니다.

2. Unscrew the cap to expose the anode assembly (to remove, rotate the cap counter clockwise).

3. 양극 어셈블리를 위쪽으로 부드럽게 들어 올려 본체에서 분리합니다.

4. Remove the “O” ring from the body, being careful not to scratch the “O” ring seat. Wipe it off with a lint-free tissue making sure that it is still intact (no cracks or tears). It should be round and not flattened.

5. Blast the entire anode assembly at 30 psi using 70-140 mesh glass bead abrasive, being careful not to damage the glass feedthrough. (If any rainbow effect is noticed on the glass bead, a crack in the feedthrough may exist and the anode assembly should be replaced (PN 2-6200-37 for the 7B and PN 2-7900-51 for the 7E).

6. Blast the body with glass beads concentrating on the pole piece and “O” ring areas. Clean the remaining internal parts. If the threaded end of the tube needs cleaning, it can be bead blasted as well.

7. After cleaning, blow out any residual glass beads or dust with dry air. See that all metal particles are removed from the pole piece areas.

8. Re-grease the “O” ring with Apiezon L or M Grease (a vacuum approved grease). DO NOT APPLY EXCESS GREASE, “O” ring should be shiny.

9. Install “O” ring in the body.

10. Replace the anode assembly in the body after the “O” ring has been installed. Observe the keyway location.

11. Screw on the cap and hand tighten.

12. 진공 챔버에 다시 설치하십시오.

13. Allow several hours for the tube to degas when pumped down to high vacuum.

14. 제대로 청소하고 조립 한 경우, 게이지 튜브는 NIST가 아닌 한 재 보정없이 사용할 준비가되었습니다.
추적 가능한 교정이 필요합니다.

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관련 제품

NW25/KF25 Stainless Steel 7B Penning Magnetron Cold Cathode Vacuum Gauge - Part Number: 2-2100-272

7B 페닝 그자론 콜드 캐터드 진공 게이지

• 1*10-7 토르 ~ 1*10-3 토르
• 견고하고 오염이 강한
• 분해 및 세척이 간편합니다.

7E 두 배 거꾸로 된 마그네트론 진공 계기

7E Cold Cathode Vacuum Gauge

• 1*10-8 Torr to 1*10-2 Torr
• Contamination resistant, resistant to inrushes of gas
• Easy to disassemble and clean