Televac MX7B冷阴极拆卸视频


The MX7B Cold Cathode Ionization Gauge is an active vacuum gauge that features the Televac 7B cold cathode ionization gauge. This gauge provides robust, contamination resistant measurement from 10-3 to 10-8 Torr. The Penning ionization gauge is easy to disassemble, making gauge replacement and cleaning stress-free while also saving you time and money.

MX7B Cold Cathode Active Vacuum Gauge Features

  • 高抗污染的冷阴极电离仪设计。
  • 可配置的0至10 V模拟输出
  • 用于过程控制的设定点继电器和开放连接器
  • RS-485和USB通信标准
  • 通过MX主动测量仪EIP网关提供以太网IP通信。