Televac 7E冷阴极传感器拆卸视频


The Televac® 7E cold cathode gauge has a measurement range from 10-8 Torr up to 10-2 Torr. This vacuum gauge makes indirect absolute pressure measurements by ionizing gas in the presence of a magnetic field. Unlike hot filament vacuum gauges, the design of this vacuum gauge allows for easy disassembly, quick cleaning, contamination resistance, and isn’t as easily damaged by inrushes of gas.

Televac 7E Cold Cathode Pressure Gauge Features

  • 耐用的潘宁电离计结构
  • 可靠的冷阴极电离仪技术
  • 耐污染、耐气体冲刷、可清洗。
  • 易于清洁的冷阴极测量仪,延长传感器的使用寿命。