Televac AN 3001: MX2A和MX4A有源仪表的比较。


Historically the 2A thermocouple sensor had a measurement range up to only 20 Torr and the 4A convection sensor was used to measure pressures up to 1000 Torr. Software and drive signal enhancements incorporated into the MX2A active thermocouple gauge now allow the 2A thermocouple sensor to measure pressures up to 1000 Torr. This has raised questions about the differences between the MX2A thermocouple active gauge and the MX4A active convection active gauge as almost all of their specifications are now identical. This document outlines the differences between the two active gauges.


说明 MX2A MX4A
传感器类型 热电偶 对流
灯丝直径 较厚 更薄
抗污染性 高等学校 较低
响应时间 <2 seconds <1 second
准确度 ±30% (10-100 Torr) ±10% (10-100 Torr)
暴露在真空中的材料 镍锰硅合金、铜镍合金 镍铬合金、铜镍合金
费用 最低值



MX2A 热电偶主动真空计

MX2A 热电偶主动真空计

- 1*10-4托尔至1000托尔。
- 易于阅读的彩色OLED显示屏
- 传感器易于更换



- 1*10-4托尔至1000托尔。
- 传感器易于更换
- 抗污染