Televac 7FC/7FCS 冷陰極センサーの分解動画

7FC & 7FCS Double Inverted Magnetron Cold Cathode Vacuum Gauges

The Televac® 7FC cold cathode vacuum gauge has an extremely wide measurement range from 10-11 Torr up to 10-2 Torr (making it an ultra-high-vacuum or UHV solution). This vacuum gauge makes indirect absolute pressure measurements by ionizing gas in the presence of a magnetic field. Unlike hot filament vacuum gauges, both the 7FC and 7FCS cold cathode gauges is cleanable, contamination resistant, and isn’t as easily damaged by inrushes of gas. The Televac® 7FCS Cold Cathode Vacuum Gauge has quick-start capability, unlike other cold cathode gauges, this gauge starts within 5 seconds in UHV.


7FCS DIマグネトロン冷陰極真空計

7FC Cold Cathode Vacuum Gauge
• 1*10-11 Torr to 1*10-2 Torr
• Easily cleaned cold cathode gauge for extended sensor lifetime
• Contamination resistant, and resistant to inrushes of gas

7FCS DIマグネトロン冷陰極真空計

7FCS Cold Cathode Vacuum Gauge
• 1*10-11 Torr to 1*10-2 Torr
• Quick start capability, allowing it to start within 5 seconds in UHV
• Contamination resistant, resistant to inrushes of gas, and cleanable