1F Piezo Diaphragm Vacuum Gauge

Part Number: 2-2108-001 and 2-2109-0XX

Our 1F piezo diaphragm gauge (also often called a vacuum pressure gauge, vacuum transducer,  or vacuum sensor) is a fast, robust, contamination resistant, and high accuracy low vacuum pressure gauge due to the piezo-diaphragm design. Note that by comparison to the 2A and 4A vacuum gauges which have a thermocouple gauge design, the 1F piezo-diaphragm vacuum sensor design is gas-independent and can be mounted in any orientation.

The 1F piezo-diaphragm vacuum sensor will read from 10 Torr (10,000 microns) to 10,000 Torr (10,000,000 microns, above atmosphere). It also has excellent accuracy over its range, and when paired with the MX200 or MM200 controllers it has ±5% to ±10% accuracy over the operating range of this vacuum gauge.

Why would you choose the 1F piezo-diaphragm vacuum gauge tube? An excellent question. Below is a list of some of the highlights of this vacuum transducer:

Televac 1F Piezo Diaphragm Vacuum Gauge – Vacuum Pressure Gauge – Vacuum Sensor Features

  • Low cost piezo-diaphragm vacuum pressure gauge
  • Compact, robust, contamination resistant vacuum transducer
  • Numerous fittings available (1/8″ NPT, NW25, NW40, CF40, among many others)
  • Drop-in vacuum pressure gauge replacement
  • Excellent customer support for vacuum transducers
  • Filters available for highly contaminated environments
1F Piezo DiaphragmPart NumberPriceBuy
1/8” NPT Nickel-plated Brass2-2108-001$230.00
Supply Current1.5 mA
Full Scale Output75 mV to 150 mV
0 Pressure Output>2 mV
Non Linearity+/- .05 % to .10 %
Hysteresis+/- .01 % to .05 %
In/Out Resistance2.5 K to 6.0 K Ω
Temp Error-Span+/- .3 % to .5 %
Temp Error-Zero+/- .1 % to .5 %
Temp Hysteresis Span+/- .1 %
Temp Hysteresis Zero+/- .1 %
Response Time1.0 mS
Output load Resistance50 M Ω
Pressure Overload (rated)3x max
Operating temp0 °C to 100 °C
Acceleration50 g max
Shock1000 g peak for .05 ms
Vibration20 g peak at 10 Hz to 2000 Hz
MediaNon-corrosive gases
MX200MX200 EthernetIP4A Convection1E Piezo Diaphragm
Measurement RangeRS-232/RS-485/USB1*10-11 to 10,000 Torr1*10-3 to 1000 Torr1 to 1000 Torr
Analog Output0 to 10 V DC (1 per sensor)0 to 10 V DC (1 per sensor)Controller dependentController dependent
Programmable Set Points0, 4, or 80, 4, or 8NoneNone
Heat treating and vacuum furnaces
Cryogenics and industrial gases
Thin film deposition and coating processes
E-Beam Welding
Freeze drying and food packaging
Pharmaceutical product processes
Pick-up and conveying