0729-1760-99 Dual-Axis RS-485 Digital Inclinometer



  • 動作範囲±60°、リニアレンジ±25° デジタル傾斜計
  • 2軸/2軸測定傾斜計
  • RS-485通信デジタル傾斜計を簡単に使用できます。
  • ≤100 ms の高精度デジタル傾斜計センサーの応答時間
  • DC7VからDC16Vまでの広い電圧供給範囲
  • 業界標準のDC12V車用バッテリーで動作します。
  • 12V DCで20mAの低電流デバイス、低消費電力
  • 複数の電気接続オプション(ドイツ語、フライングリード、AMP VAL-U-LOK)で簡単に統合可能
  • ABS housing with potting to provide IP66 environmental protection
  • 極端な温度や環境下でも優れた性能を発揮
  • 優れたカスタマーサポート

The 0729-1760-99 dual-axis high precision digital inclinometer sensor with RS-485 communications and an IP66 environmental rating is designed and manufactured in the USA by Fredericks for use on heavy industrial machinery and other applications where an industrial, robust, cost-efficient digital inclinometer is needed. This high-precision digital inclinometer sensor has a wide linear angle range and RS-485 communications combined with a small footprint make it simple to integrate into new or existing equipment and designs. The standard version of this digital inclinometer sensor has a cable with flying leads, but Deutsch and Amphenol connectors are also available.

The Fredericks Company’s digital inclinometers take our proven electrolytic tilt sensors and combine them with electrolytic tilt sensor circuits in robust housings with potting to make them environmentally sealed (waterproof and dustproof) digital inclinometer solutions for use in various markets and applications. Electrolytic tilt sensing technology makes these inclinometers extremely stable with no long-term drift compared to MEMS devices, all in a low-cost inclinometer package.

±60° Dual-Axis RS-485 Inclinometer
±60° Dual-Axis RS-485 Inclinometer
PN: 0729-1760-99
出力 RS-485
電源電圧 7 V DC~16 V DC
供給電流 20 mA @ 7 V DC
動作範囲 ±60º
リニアレンジ ±25º
Typical Output Behavior View on office.com | Download (.xlsx)
測定軸 2
Linearity (% of ±60°) ≤7.0%
Linearity (% of ±25°) ≤2.0%
Symmetry (±60°) ≤3°
Symmetry (±25°) ≤1°
再現性 ≤0.1°
決議 ≤0.003°
ヌルオフセット ≤5°
Cross Axis (Roll) Sensitivity ≤0.025° per degree
Long Term Stability/Drift ≤0.1°
ヌル温度係数 °Cあたり≤0.006
スケール温度係数 0.1% per °C
Materials Contains magnetic metals
動作温度 -40 °C~70 °C
保存温度 -40 °C~70 °C
温度センサ範囲 -40 °C ~ 125 °C
Time Constant (63.2% of output) ≦100ミリ秒
Settling Time ≤500 ms




住宅 ABS樹脂
電気的接続 12" cable with 24-gauge wire
重量 47 g
長さ 56.3 mm (2.217”)
40.0 mm (1.575”)
高さ 20.0 mm (0.787”)
ホールセンター 47.8 mm (1.882”)
0729-1760-99 Dimensional Drawing
Red Supply (7 V DC to 16 V DC)
Black Supply (Ground)
Yellow Ground
Green RS-485 B (+)
Blue RS-485 A (-)

RS-485 Information

Baud Rate (default 9600) 1200 to 38400
Data Bits 8
Parity なし
Stop Bits 1
Address (default 99) 01 to 99
Maximum Signal Conditioners on Bus 32

RS-485 Commands

*9911# X axis output (0 to 65535)
*9921# Y axis output (0 to 65535)
*9941# Temperature output (0 to 1023)
*9980# Read product information
*9981Axx# Change address to xx (01 to 99)
*9982D# Read user information
*9984Z# Set current position as zero
*9984R# Clear saved zero position
*9988Rx# Change baud rate to x (1 to 6)
*9989B# Reset to factory default settings
RoHS Compliant

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