0729-1736-99 ±35° Programmable Dual-Axis Tilt Switch

Part Number: 0729-1736-99


  • ±35°プログラム可能なトリップポイント
  • Dual/two-axis measurement tilt switch
  • リレー出力が簡単な1台
  • ≤100 ms の応答時間
  • DC7V~DC30Vの広い電圧供給範囲
  • Works with industry-standard 12 and 24 V DC vehicle batteries
  • DC12Vで30mAの低電流デバイス、低消費電力
  • 簡単な統合のために利用可能なカスタムコネクタ付きのフライングリードケーブル
  • 極端な温度や環境下でも優れた性能を発揮
  • 優れたカスタマーサポート

Our tilt switches (also referred to as a safety switch or tilt switch sensor module) are very similar to our inclinometers, but instead of a continuous output, tilt switches have a discrete on/off output from either a relay or an open collector. This tilt switch has 1 relay output (omnidirectional) which can be set to trip at specific angles in two axes, up to ±35° tilt. This tilt switch comes in a plastic housing, environmentally sealed and rated IP66, with a flying leads cable that can be customized with almost any connector you specify. The trip angle can be set by us at the factory or set and reset by you in the field via the RS-232 communications.

The nature of the relay output makes this unit ideal for various tilt switch applications like construction vehicles and agricultural vehicles. More specific tilt switch applications include boom lifts, scissor lifts, and agricultural sprayers.


±35° Programmable Dual-Axis Tilt Switch
±35° Programmable Dual-Axis Tilt Switch
PN: 0729-1736-99
出力 1 relay
電源電圧 7 V DC to 30 V DC
供給電流 30 mA @ 12 V DC
動作範囲 ±35º
最小旅行角度 ±1º
測定軸 2
ヌルオフセット ≤5°
再現性 ±0.1°
Trip Accuracy ±0.2°
Output Trip Delay (default, settable) 1 s
Output Return Delay (default, settable) 0.5 s
Output Hysteresis (default, settable) 0.25°
Output Filter (default, settable) 0 s
Cross-Axis Sensitivity ≤0.025° per degree
Long Term Stability/Drift ≤0.1°
Materials Contains magnetic metals
動作温度 -35 °C to 70 °C
保存温度 -35 °C to 70 °C
住宅 ABS樹脂
電気的接続 18" cable with 24-gauge wire
重量 150 g
長さ 53 mm (2.102”)
79 mm (3.117”)
高さ 27 mm (1.075”)
Flange Length 24 mm (0.936”)
ホールセンター 89 mm (3.500”)
穴径 5 mm (0.188”)
0729-1763-XX Dimensional Drawing
Red Supply (7 V DC to 30 V DC)
Black Supply (-)
Orange Zero wire
Green Relay (C)
Violet Relay (NO)
Blue Relay (NC)
Brown RS-232 receive (RX)
Yellow RS-232 transmit (TX)

RS-232 Settings

Baud Rate 9600
Data Bits 8
Parity なし
Stop Bits 1

RS-232 Commands

‘?’ Show a list of all commands
‘set’ Enter setup mode
‘x’ Change x axis trip angle
‘y’ Change y axis trip angle
‘+’ Increment selected axis trip angle by 0.1°
‘-’ Decrement selected axis trip angle by 0.1°
‘S’ Save selected trip angles
‘Z’ Set and save a new zero position
‘d’ Change and save trip delay (0 to 9)
‘r’ Change and save return delay (0 to 9)
‘p’ Change and save relay polarity (0 to 9)
‘h’ Change and save hysteresis value (1 to 8)
‘f’ Change and save filter value (0 to 9)
‘q’ Show all settings
Esc Cancel the current command
RoHS Compliant
IP66 Environmental Protection
数量 価格
1 $154.80
10 $140.14
100 $130.43
500 $126.31
1000+ $114.18