Televac MX7M 冷陰極分解ビデオ

Televac® MX7M Cold Cathode Ionization Gauge

The MX7M is an active vacuum gauge featuring the new Televac® 7M cold cathode ionization gauge, which has a wide operating range of 5*10-11 to 1*10-2 Torr. This is the only cleanable cold cathode on the market which measures into the 10-11 Torr range. The new triple inverted magnetron design improves the overall accuracy of the vacuum gauge by improving linearity while significantly decreasing the stray magnetic field.

This vacuum gauge has all-metal seals, minimizing outgassing while maintaining a compact overall design. The MX7M cold cathode gauge also has a variety of features including a configurable 0 to 10 V DC analog output, RS-485 communications (EthernetIP optional), two programmable set points (relays and open collectors), and a bright OLED display with a 180° viewing angle.

MX7M Cold Cathode Active Vacuum Gauge Features

  • 高耐汚染性の冷陰極イオン化ゲージ設計
  • 低アウトガスを実現するオールメタルシール
  • 設定可能な0~10Vアナログ出力
  • プロセス制御用セットポイントリレーとオープンコネクタ
  • RS-485およびUSB通信規格