0703-1603-99 ±25° Tabless Single-Axis Electrolytic Tilt Sensor

The 0703-1603-99 electrolytic tilt sensor (also sometimes called an electronic tilt sensor) offers mid-range angle measurement up to ±25° with repeatability of ±0.005° in one axis (single-axis measurement). This sensor is the tabless (no mounting holes) version of the 0703-1602-99 tilt sensor. The tabless design reduces the mechanical footprint, allowing it to mount directly on certain Fredericks signal conditioners like our 1-6200-012, without the need for external wires. The 0703-1603-99 is an industrial-grade, all-metal, and hermetically sealed sensor design for use in the most extreme environments. This tilt sensor has better accuracy than our 0717 series tilt sensors, and it is a lower cost alternative to our glass electrolytic tilt sensors.

For dual-axis measurement, you’ll need two tilt sensors to read in two axes (with orthogonal mounting or mounted at a 90° angle). We also offer these sensors already mounted to our signal conditioners for simpler integration into your end use. The 0729-1765-99 is an analog and RS-232 electrolytic inclinometer, with two of the 0703-1603-99 tilt sensors mounted on the 1-6200-012 signal conditioner for two-axis measurement. The F225-00T-003-01 combines two of the 0703-1603-99 (again mounted orthogonally for dual-axis measurement) with the 1-6200-013 signal conditioner with UART/TTL communications.

All of our electrolytic tilt sensors require an electrolytic tilt sensor circuit (also commonly referred to as signal conditioning circuit or a signal conditioner) to provide an angle position output. This can be designed into your own PCB with the addition of a few components, or you can purchase an electrolytic tilt sensor circuit we’ve designed. Our circuits are optimized for the best performance from our sensors.

To learn more about the principles of electrolytic tilt sensors and how to integrate our sensors into your application, see our Technical Information page. Confused about terminology? The following terms are often used interchangeably, though they have slightly different meanings; tilt sensor, electrolytic tilt sensor, and electronic tilt sensor.

Description du produit
±25° Tabless Single-Axis Electrolytic Tilt Sensor
±25° Tabless Single-Axis Electrolytic Tilt Sensor
PN: 0703-1603-99
Gamme de fonctionnement ±25°
Gamme linéaire ±10°
Axes de mesure 1
Linearity (±10°) ≤1%
Répétabilité ±0.005°
Resolution (with 16-bit ADC) ≤0.001°
Compensation nulle ±2°
Long Term Stability/Drift ≤0.005°
Coefficient de température nul ≤0.0002°
Coefficient de température de l'échelle 0.075% per °C
Température de fonctionnement -40 °C à 85 °C
Température de stockage -55 °C à 125 °C
Impédance nulle 50 kΩ
Time Constant (63.2% of final output) ≤1 s
Materials Contains magnetic metals
Courant maximal à zéro 0.2 mA (continuous)

Gamme linéaire


Gamme de fonctionnement

Longueur 40.6 mm (1.598”)
Largeur 19.5 mm (1.160")
Hauteur 14.2 mm (0.560”)
Poids 6 g
0717-4319-99 Dimensional Drawing
RoHS Compliant
Quantité Prix
1 $42.35
1000 $40.23
2500 $31.59
5000+ $28.35