0729-1767-99 Dual-Axis Analog Inclinometer (New!)

Part Number: 0729-1767-99

Características y beneficios:

  • Rango de operación de ±60°, inclinómetro de rango lineal de ±25°.
  • Inclinómetro de medición de dos ejes
  • Fácil de usar 0 V DC a 5 V DC salida analógica inclinómetro
  • Regulated 5 V DC supply voltage
  • Low current device drawing 20 mA at 5 V DC; low power consumption
  • ABS housing with potting to provide IP66 environmental protection
  • Rendimiento superior en temperaturas y ambientes extremos
  • Excelente apoyo al cliente

The 0729-1767-99 dual-axis high precision digital inclinometer sensor with analog 0 to 5 V DC outputs and 5 V DC supply voltage is designed and manufactured by Fredericks for use on heavy industrial machinery and other applications where an industrial, robust, cost-efficient solution is needed. This high-precision analog inclinometer sensor has a wide linear angle range and analog output combined with a small footprint making it simple to integrate into new or existing equipment and designs. The standard version of this inclinometer sensor has a cable with flying leads.

The Fredericks Company’s inclinometers take our proven electrolytic tilt sensors and combine them with electrolytic tilt sensor circuits in robust housings with potting to make them environmentally sealed (waterproof and dustproof, IP66) inclinometer solutions for use in various markets and applications. Electrolytic tilt sensing technology makes these inclinometers extremely stable with no long-term drift compared to MEMS devices, all in a low-cost inclinometer package.

Descripción del producto
±60° Dual-Axis Analog Inclinometer
±60° Dual-Axis Analog Inclinometer
PN: 0729-1767-99
Salida Analog 0 V DC to 5 V DC
Voltaje de suministro 5 V DC (regulated)
Corriente de suministro 20 mA @ 5 V DC
Rango de operación ±60º
Rango lineal ±25º
Typical Output Behavior View on office.com | Download (.xlsx)
Ejes de medición 2
Linearity (% of ±60°) ≤7.0%
Linearity (% of ±25°) ≤2.0%
Repetibilidad ±0.1°
Resolución ≤0.003°
Compensación nula ≤5°
Cross Axis (Roll) Sensitivity ≤0.025° per degree
Long Term Stability/Drift ≤0.1°
Coeficiente de temperatura nulo ≤0.006° por °C
Coeficiente de temperatura de la escala 0,1% por °C
Materials Contains magnetic metals
Temperatura de funcionamiento -40 °C a 70 °C
Temperatura de almacenamiento -40 °C a 70 °C
Time Constant (63.2% of output) ≤500 ms
Typical Output Gain (±10°) 0.022 V DC per degree
Output Gain Tolerance (±10°) ±0.003 V DC per degree

Rango lineal


Rango de operación

Vivienda Plástico ABS
Longitud del cable 0.3 m (12”)
Conexiones eléctricas Flying leads, 24-gauge wire
Peso 50 g
Longitud 56.3 mm (2.217”)
Anchura 40.0 mm (1.575”)
Altura 20.0 mm (0.787”)
Centro del agujero 47.8 mm (1.882”)
0729-1755-99 Dimensional Drawing
Red Supply (5 V DC)
Black Supply (Ground)
Yellow Temperature analog output (0 V DC to 5 V DC)
Green X axis analog output (0 V DC to 5 V DC)
Blue Y axis analog output (0 V DC to 5 V DC)
Vcc = 5 V DC 0 V DC to 5 V DC, 0° tilt = 2.50 V DC
RoHS Compliant
IP66 Environmental Protection

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