Request Online Quotes In 4 Simple Steps

Four simple steps to creating your own online quote with The Fredericks Company

Expedite Your Quote Request

Search and find your products

• Visit our website,, and find the products you’d like quoted

• Navigate to the specific product page

• Use our product selection tools if you are looking for a new solution

• Use the search [ Find your ideal tilt and vacuum equipment with The Fredericks Company's functional search ] if you know the part number

Request A Quote Step 1 Arrow demonstration
Demonstration page of how to request a quote online

Add products to your cart

• After finding the products, click the add to cart button
[ Cart Icon demonstrating how to add products to your cart ]

• Continue adding until you have all the products you need for your quote

• Quantity discounts and promotions will be automatically applied to your cart

• Product “Not in Stock?” Click the Notify Me button to receive an email when it’s available

Request A Quote Step 2 Arrow demonstration
List of available products to add to your cart

Request your cart as a quote

• After you’ve finished adding products to your cart, view your cart by clicking the cart button [ The Fredericks Company cart icon to purchase tilt and vacuum equipment online ] at the top right of the screen

• Click Request as a Quote on the cart screen, enter your contact information, and click Submit

Request A Quote Step 3 Arrow demonstration
The Fredericks Company cart page to request your products by generating a quote

Quote sent!

• Your quote will automatically be emailed to you within 5 minutes of your submission

No more waiting to receive your quote!