Descripción general del producto de medición de la inclinación

Company Overview

The Fredericks Company is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company founded in 1935. Our facility is located in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania and we are a leading designer and manufacturer of electrolytic tilt sensors and inclinometer assemblies. Because we design and manufacture both the core electrolytic sensing technology and the completed inclinometer assembly at our facility, we maintain full control over the production process of our units. This ensures quality from unit to unit and eliminates any problems associated with parts obsolescence. Electrolytic tilt sensors manufactured at our facility have performed reliably in the field for many years, testifying to the quality of our workmanship.

The long history of The Fredericks Company provides assurance that we will continue to support and manufacture our products in coming years; we also guarantee support of our products for as long as they are being used in our customers’ products and the raw materials remain available. Our skilled engineering team has decades of combined experience and can provide in depth implementation recommendations upon request.

Typical Applications

Narrow and Mid-Range

  • Dam, building, and bridge construction monitoring
  • Geophysical and earthquake monitoring
  • Gyroscope leveling
  • Laser leveling equipment
  • Nivelación de la máquina herramienta
  • Mining machinery and safety equipment
  • Monitoreo estructural
  • Warp monitoring
  • Ajuste del punto cero

Wide Range

  • Monitoreo o control de nivelación de la plataforma de elevación aérea
  • Equipo agrícola
  • Antenna positioning
  • Medición del ángulo de la hoja de las motoniveladoras y pavimentadoras
  • Chassis level monitoring
  • Medición del ángulo de la pluma de la grúa
  • Maquinaria de construcción
  • Forestry machinery
  • Compensación del GPS
  • Sistemas de nivelación y estabilización hidráulica
  • Exploración petrolera
  • Controles robóticos
  • Satellite dish alignment
  • Control de posición y elevación de los paneles solares
  • Tilt switches and alarms
  • Sistemas de alineación de ruedas

Electrolytic Tilt Sensors – General Information

Electrolytic tilt sensors from The Fredericks Company provide high accuracy angular position measurement in one or two axes. These sensors require signal conditioning circuitry to provide an angular output. The Fredericks Company offers a variety of low cost signal conditioners to run our electrolytic sensors. Customers can also design their own signal conditioning circuitry; TFC can provide circuit and software design input and analysis upon request.

0717 Series Dual Axis Wide Range Metal Sensors

Número de parte Rango de operación Repetibilidad
0717-4318-99 ±60° ±0.1°
0717-4319-99 ±50° ±0.1°
0717-4321-99 ±40° ±0.1°
0717-4322-99 ±45° ±0.1°
0717-4323-99 ±50° ±0.1°

Metal and Glass Single Axis Narrow and Mid Range Sensors

Número de parte Rango de operación Repetibilidad
0703-1602-99 ±25° ±18 arc seconds
0703-0711-99 ±3° ±5 arc seconds
0737-0101-99 ±10° ±2 arc seconds
0737-1203-99 ±0.25° ±0.5 arc seconds

Ceramic Wide Range Sensors

Número de parte Rango de operación Repetibilidad
0728-1025-99 ±85° ±0.05°

Inclinometers – General Information

Inclinometers are an assembly of a signal conditioner and tilt sensor. The assembly provides an output of tilt position in one or two axes through a variety of standard interfaces. Our inclinometers utilize either electrolytic or MEMS technology to sense tilt angle. A regulated power input is available as well as potting for all housed units. Potting provides an environmental protection rating of IP67.

Inclinometers with Electrolytic Sensors

Número de parte Rango de operación Interfaz Vivienda
0729-1751-99 Hasta ±60°. SPI PCB
0729-1752-99 Hasta ±60°. RS-232 PCB
0729-1753-99 Hasta ±60°. Analog/PWM PCB
0729-1754-99 Hasta ±60°. RS-485 PCB
0729-1755-99 Hasta ±60°. Analog/PWM ABS
0729-1759-99 Hasta ±60°. RS-232 ABS
0729-1760-99 Hasta ±60°. RS-485 ABS
0729-1761-99 Up to ±45° CAN J1939 Noryl

Inclinometers with MEMS Sensors

Número de parte Rango de operación Interfaz Vivienda
0750-9002-99 ±90° RS-485 Zinc
0750-3002-99 ±30° RS-485 Zinc
0751-9002-99 ±90° Análogo Zinc
0751-3002-99 ±30° Análogo Zinc

Tilt Switches – General Information

Tilt switches provide an on/off indication of whether the unit is tilted past a certain angle which is field programmable. The type of output and availability of communications is dependent on the unit. All tilt switches utilize an electrolytic tilt sensor and signal conditioner. They are also enclosed in an ABS plastic housing with potting to provide an environmental protection rating of IP67. They also include a regulated power input.

Interruptores de inclinación

Número de parte Rango Interfaz Hachas
0729-1736-99 De ±1° a ±35°. Relevo y RS-232 2
0729-1756-99 De ±1° a ±45°. Coleccionista abierto 1
0729-1757-99 De ±1° a ±45°. Coleccionista abierto 1
0729-1758-99 De ±1° a ±45°. Coleccionista abierto 1

Typical Electrolytic Tilt Sensor Dimensions

Typical Inclinometer Dimensions

Typical Inclinometer Functional Diagram


The Fredericks Company provides customization of most aspects of existing units in addition to creating new designs. Some of our current projects include expanding our inclinometer line with the prototype units listed below.

Prototype Inclinometers

Rango de operación Interfaz Vivienda Hachas
±70° RS-232 Noryl 1
±45° RS-232 Noryl 2
±25° TTL Noryl 2

Benefits of TFC Tilt Measurement Products

  • Low cost with excellent resolution and repeatability
  • Very low power consumption
  • Extremely long life
  • Mínima deriva durante la vida útil en comparación con los dispositivos MEMS
  • Rendimiento superior en temperaturas y ambientes extremos
  • Very low power consumption
  • Excelente apoyo al cliente
  • Manufactured in the United States of America