July 19, 2017 by Jonathan Lance

Nuove norme di sicurezza: Sensori di inclinazione e MEWP [Infografica]

The IPAF is making several significant changes to the ANSI A92 standards, which were released earlier this year and are expected to go into effect by mid-2018. The updates include incorporating ISO concepts which will align North American aerial lift manufacturers more closely with global markets across Europe, Australia, and China.

In addition to the changes to terminology, (“Mobile Elevated Work Platform or MEWP [pronounced mee-oop] will be the new universal term for this equipment, replacing Aerial Work Platform (AWP)”) one of the notable changes to the standard is the addition of active tilt and load sensing systems on aerial equipment. Currently, it’s the responsibility of the machine operator to ensure that the unit is not loaded beyond the restrictions displayed on the unit by the manufacturer. Under the new A92.20 however, MEWPs must be equipped with a load sensing device that will disable the normal elevating functions of the machine and sound/flash an alarm when overloaded. Similarly, a tilt cutout is required when the MEWP is on a slope greater than the manufacturer says is acceptable.

Check out the infographic below to learn more about the role that tilt sensors will play in the new safety requirements or request a quote and speak to one of our engineers today.

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