November 25, 2016 by Jonathan Lance

Il nostro primo blog: 5 cose che dovresti sapere su di noi e sul nostro blog

Welcome to our very first blog entry! This is an exciting initiative for The Fredericks Company (Fredericks) that aims to educate, spark conversation, and inspire the tilt and vacuum measurement community. Written for our customers, partners, employees, and industry buffs, we look forward to providing a variety of interesting topics each month and we’ll always welcome your feedback.

Here are 5 things our readers should know about Fredericks and our blog:

1. Our mission statement
To enable superior performance across selected tilt and vacuum measurement applications by committing to quality, reliability, and innovation.

2. What we’re all about

Fredericks is a family-owned company and specialty provider of tilt and vacuum measurement and glass component products. We enable superior business performance across selected applications by calling on our generations of experience, inherent commitment to innovation, and exceptional service. Ultimately, we help customers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) utilize only high quality, reliable, and safe equipment and gain access to truly specialized manufacturing capabilities.

3. Our customers choose us because we provide
➢ Specialty manufacturing services that promise precision
➢ High performance products designed and manufactured with pride in the USA
➢ A partnership that prioritizes uptime, lead time, and service

4. What to expect to see on our blog

➢ Tilt and vacuum measurement topics
➢ Company news and events
➢ Industry trends
➢ Thought leadership
➢ Employee spotlights

5. Where to get more information

For more information on Fredericks or any of our products, please feel free to contact us! Our friendly staff can be reached at 215.947.2500 or by visiting our website at If you are interested in guest blogging opportunities, please contact Shawn Orr at 215.938.4422.

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