September 7, 2021 by Jonathan Lance

Riflettori puntati sui dipendenti: Jaclyn Branham

Una delle cose che rende grande The Fredericks Company è il nostro personale dedicato e molto apprezzato che eccelle in varie posizioni. Dato che abbiamo un team così grande, abbiamo deciso di mettere in evidenza i membri del team nel nostro blog!

Today, we are shining the spotlight on Jaclyn Branham. Jaclyn is a Production Associate with a strong mechanical aptitude who is skilled in welding, machining, and glass forming. While she takes on many jobs here at the company, her primary focus is in the manufacturing of glass Bayard Alpert hot ion vacuum gauges, nude Bayard Alpert hot ion vacuum gauges and she is currently learning glass ampoule forming. Jaclyn started working at The Fredericks Company in 2017, and continues to provide quality glass products and innovative solutions for all of our customers.

Read on to learn more about Jaclyn Branham:

Cosa è cambiato da quando ha iniziato a lavorare con l'azienda?

The Fredericks Company has embraced and implemented new technology in our manufacturing processes and developed many new products that allow us to continue to be industry-leaders in the areas of vacuum and tilt measurement.

Cosa è migliorato da quando ha iniziato a lavorare con l'azienda?

We’ve made substantial improvements to our manufacturing procedures, documentation, and work instructions over the course of my time here to continue to guarantee that we’re providing the best quality products to our customers. During the pandemic, The Fredreicks Company went above and beyond to keep all of us safe by installing various measures to mitigate spread of the virus.

Cosa le piace di più della sua posizione?

I really enjoy working with my coworkers to solve problems and the opportunity to collaborate with everyone to continuously improve our manufacturing processes.

Cosa trova più impegnativo nel suo ruolo?

Being a mother of three and an employee can be challenging. Since I started in 2017, The Fredericks Company made it a priority to accommodate my schedule and allow me to spend more time with my children.

Prima di lavorare alla Fredericks Company, qual è stato il lavoro più insolito o interessante che abbia mai avuto?

I studied Business Management at Bloomsburg University and worked at my family’s business as welder and fabricator since I was 15. The skills that I learned there have greatly benefited me while working at The Fredericks Company.

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