October 10, 2016 by Jonathan Lance

El nuevo sensor de inclinación permite un rendimiento preciso en aplicaciones industriales

HUNTINGDON VALLEY, Pensilvania, 27 de enero de 2016 – The Fredericks Company, an industry-leading innovator and manufacturer of tilt and vacuum measurement products, introduces the 0729-1760-04 10° Dual Axis RS-485 Inclinometer. By measuring and signaling tilt from a level position, the inclinometer helps to ensure precise execution in applications such as semiconductor manufacturing, satellite dish alignment, robotic controls, aerial lift platform leveling, and wheel alignment systems.

The inclinometer uses a Fredericks wide-range electrolytic tilt sensor and RS-485 signal conditioner to provide reliable tilt measurement. The device is ideal for measuring position in industrial applications to ensure accurate performance and consistent production.

The inclinometer uses RS-485 communications, which allows up to 32 sensors on a single network to reduce wiring requirements. Additional benefits of this affordable device include low power consumption, small size, long life, and excellent resolution and repeatability. It includes a supply voltage of 5 V DC, ±10° dual-axis range, and operating temperature of -40 °C to 70 °C.

"El inclinómetro RS-485 de doble eje proporciona una medición fiable de la inclinación para una amplia gama de aplicaciones en las que la nivelación de alta precisión es fundamental", dijo Heidi McKenna, presidenta de The Fredericks Company.

With an established history of outstanding customer support, The Fredericks Company designs and assembles its products at its Pennsylvania-based facility, where they maintain full control over the production of their devices. For more information about the 0729-1760-04 ±10° Dual Axis RS-485 Inclinometer or to place an order, click here.


About The Fredericks Company
For more than 80 years, The Fredericks Company has been partnering with OEMs and customers worldwide to design and develop tilt sensors, vacuum measurement devices, and precision custom glass components for their finished products or processes. Fredericks’ team of engineers and application specialists deliver broad practical knowledge and experience across a wide range of markets and application areas. In keeping with the company’s history of outstanding customer support, Fredericks provides the insight and guidance needed to take design concepts to reality in a cost-effective manner. For more information call +1-215-947-2500, email [email protected] or visit www.frederickscompany.com.

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