October 10, 2016 by Jonathan Lance

Los nuevos sensores electrolíticos de inclinación de amplio rango de uno y dos ejes "Low Profile" presentan un perfil más bajo para aplicaciones OEM de altura limitada

New “Low Profile” Single or Dual-Axis Wide Range Electrolytic Tilt Sensors Feature Lower Profile for Limited Height OEM Applications

The Fredericks Company, a leading ISO9001:2015 registered manufacturer of electrolytic tilt sensing and inclinometer products, is now offering a new version of its widely successful  Single/Dual Axis Electrolytic Tilt Sensor in response to demand from applications engineers seeking all the operating features and benefits of the original sensor in a lower profile design.

The newest member of Frederick’s patented, state-of-the-art product line, the new design height is 0.330” (8.38mm), which reduces the overall height of the sensor by 40% – making it ideal for applications where height or space is a concern in final packaging of OEM instrumentation and equipment.

The new sensor is available in three(3) versions with operating ranges of + 40° (0717-4321-99), +45° (0717-4322-99), and +50°(0717-4323-99). All three offer the same robust construction of the original sensors and feature a +15° linear range, +0.005° resolution, and +0.1° repeatability.

Available at an attractive unit price, the new sensor is the ideal choice for economical commercial and industrial market applications that require high production quantities and first-rate accuracies – such as wheel alignment equipment, navigation, and GPS compensation, laser leveling, lift platforms, tip protection, RV leveling, and antenna positioning.

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