8140 Nude Ionization Gauge

The ETI 8140 Nude Ionization Gauge is a flange-mounted Bayard-Alpert type for the range of 1 × 10-3 to 4 × 10-10Torr. It is equipped with a bonded-thoria replaceable filament. The grid is of bifilar construction. A .005” diameter tungsten collector is provided for a low X-ray limit. The ETI 8140 is suited to either the I2R or the electron bombardment method of electrode degassing, making it compatible with either type of controller. This gauge may be baked to 450 °C.

Connection 2-3/4″ conflat or KF 40 flange
Envelope None
Mounting Position Vertical
Collector .005” tungsten
Filament Replaceable thoria-coated iridium or dual tungsten
Grid Tungsten helix configuration
Sensitivity for N2 10/Torr
X-ray Limit 4×10-19 Torr
Operating Pressure 4×10-10 to 1×10-3 Torr
Electron-Bombardment Degas 70 W
Resistance-Heated Degas 6.3 V to 7.5 V @ 10 A
Bakeout Temperature 450 °C