7B Cold Cathode Gauge (Penning Ionization Gauge)

Part Number: 2-2100-2XX

The Televac 7B cold cathode gauge (also called a Penning ionization gauge or cold cathode ionization gauge) has a measurement range from 10-7 Torr up to 10-3 Torr. This vacuum gauge makes indirect absolute pressure measurements by ionizing gas in the presence of a magnetic field. Unlike hot filament vacuum gauges, the 7B cold cathode gauge is cleanable, contamination resistant, and isn’t as easily damaged by inrushes of gas.

The design of this vacuum gauge allows for easy disassembly, enabling quick cleaning and extended use. The 7B Penning ionization gauge can be operated by the Televac MX200 rack-mountable controller or as an active gauge via the MX7B. Any vacuum controller will automatically operate the cold cathode to provide a full-range vacuum measurement solution when the 7B is used in conjunction with rough vacuum sensors like the 2A or 4A. Active vacuum gauges can also be combined using the MX2A/MX4A and MX7B to provide full range vacuum measurement with the 7B cold cathode ionization gauge.

Televac 7B Penning Ionization Cold Cathode Gauge Features:

  • Low cost vacuum gauge
  • Easily cleaned cold cathode gauge for extended sensor lifetime
  • Durable Penning ionization gauge construction
  • Reliable cold cathode ionization gauge technology
  • Contamination resistant, resistant to inrushes of gas, and cleanable
  • Mountable in any orientation
  • Excellent customer support
7B Penning Magnetron Cold CathodePart NumberPriceBuy
3/4” NPT Brass2-2100-263$340.00
1” Straight Brass2-2100-265$460.00
1 ¼” Straight Brass2-2100-266$450.00
3/4” Straight Stainless Steel2-2100-267$450.00
NW25 (DN25 ISO-KF) Stainless Steel2-2100-272$450.00
Replacement PartsPart NumberPriceBuy
Anode assembly2-6200-037$80.00
Red cap6-4210-25$1.15
Operating Range1*10-7 Torr to 1*10-3 Torr
Analog OutputController dependent
Supply VoltageController dependent
Mounting OrientationAny
Calibration MediumDry air or nitrogen
Overpressure150 psi
Analog Output ResolutionController dependent
Operating Temperature0 °C to 50 °C
Storage Temperature-20 °C to 70 °C
Bakeout Temperature120 °C
Response Time≤ 50 ms
Accuracy1*10-6 Torr to 1*10-3 Torr: ± .2 decade

Analog Output Behavior

Televac vacuum gauge cold cathode gauge penning ionization gauge
MX7B Cold CathodeMX200MC3007FCS Cold Cathode
Measurement Range1*10-8 to 1*10-3 Torr1*10-11 to 10,000 Torr1*10-11 to 1000 Torr1*10-11 to 1*10-2 Torr
Analog OutputConfigurable 0 to 10 V DC0 to 10 V DC (1 per sensor)0 to 10 V DC (1 per sensor)Controller dependent
Programmable Set Points20, 4, or 84None