FNA 2020 Virtual Trade Show

Scratch to save on your online order and enter for a chance to win a FREE YETI® 20oz Rambler Mug!

Save up to 15% on your online order using the virtual Scratch & Win card! When you scratch off the card with your mouse, you’ll receive a special coupon code that you can enter at checkout when you buy online. When you enter your email address, you’ll be automatically entered to win 1 of 5 Televac® YETI® mugs.

If you want to know more about the Scratch & Win or YETI® mug, come back to our FNA virtual booth to chat with us, or start a chat online below!

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FNA 2020 Scratch-Off is now closed.  Thank you everyone for playing!

About The Fredericks Company

For more than 85 years, Fredericks has specialized exclusively in tilt and vacuum measurement products. Today, our precise manufacturing processes produce the most accurate and advanced products on the market, ensuring perfection every time. A true specialty service provider, we are willing and eager to put our experience and capabilities to good use, helping OEMs achieve even the most complex designs.

Even though timely customer service and expert product support should be a standard for doing business, in recent times we’ve found it to be the exception instead of the rule. Getting the quick, ongoing support you need is critical when you have time sensitive engineering challenges to work through. At that point, you don’t just need a part – you need a partner, and expert product support is something you can rely on from Fredericks with anytime access to our product specialists and leadership team.

Televac® Vacuum Measurement Tools Built for the Toughest Jobs

Fredericks’ world-class vacuum sensors, gauges, and control instrumentation are engineered for the most demanding applications and environments. Our patented Televac® and ETI vacuum brands feature cold-cathode technology, thermocouple and convection gauges, and precision-manufactured hot ionization gauges. Dedicated solely to vacuum gauging and calibration services, we provide industrial heating, national laboratories, cryogenics, industrial gas, and LNG applications, among many others, with fast lead times and industry-leading performance. Covering the entire practical vacuum range, our products deliver rapid response vacuum readings and superior sensitivity.

A Partnership That Prioritizes Uptime, Lead Time, and Service

Fredericks guarantees customer satisfaction and our ‘not too big, not too small’ operation is what enables us to offer a true partnership experience. Our dedicated representatives and engineers offer exceptionally responsive service and some of the fastest lead times in the industry, knowing that uptime is the key to your success. With anytime-access to our leadership team and solutions that enhance your products, you will feel the Fredericks difference.